unleashing your inner goddess
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unleashing your inner goddess

Wednesdays, 11am CST
Zoom - $7

Each week, I host this super chill Self Love Workshop that includes stretching, spoken word, and fellow artists I've met over the years. We share processes that have been helpful on our journeys of Self Love and Radical Self Expression. Past topics have included dancing, singing, writing meditations, EFT Tapping, astrology, and several other modalities. Come as you are. Gather with us. Dust off your limitless potential and join us as we take a break from the week and reach for the stars!

All levels and genders welcome.

Every body welcome.

online burlesque classes

Drawing on over 25 years of performance experience, Red Hot Annie is an award-winning, burlesque headliner who has performed thousands of times all over the world. She is also the founder of VAUDEZILLA, a collective of rebellious women who promote Self Love & Radical Self Expression through the art of burlesque (brick & mortar dance studio established 2011 in Chicago). Through workshops and VAUDEZILLA! Burlesque Spectacular (running weekly in Chicago since 2008), Annie shares the power of naughty art to transform and uplift womyn's lives.

Tap into skillsets honed through two decades of full-time entrepreneurship in the arts through her signature course "Becoming Burlesque." Join her weekly, live for "Unleashing Your Inner Goddess" on Wednesdays at 11am CST.

unleashing your inner goddess

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