Unleash Your Inner Goddess thru Burlesque!

7 days to burlesque

Strip tease is an act of vulnerability - regardless of whether you're doing it for an audience of 1 or 1,000!

Through my 7 Days to Burlesque series, you'll have access to (7) 20-minute courses intended to help you build confidence and trust in your body while practicing the provocative art of sensual dance. Each lesson puts you centerstage and works perfectly with any style of music you choose.

Discover your own voice, practice loving yourself and your body, and raise your overall command and presence - impactful skills for onstage performance that are just as powerful in the boardroom as they are in the bedroom.

7 days to burlesque

7 Days to Burlesque: A Wholehearted Approach to dance

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becoming burlesque what's included

You'll receive:
(7) 20-Minute Burlesque Dance Videos
With Life-Time Access

  • Day 1
    We'll talk about the energy of stillness - of your foundation. Before anything else, it's important that you feel grounded and that you feel worthy of being watched. If you're someone who shrinks away from being an exhibitionist, this is a great chance to practice throwing your shoulders back and receiving attention.

  • Day 2
    We'll talk about the energy of creativity - and your hips. Hips are of the most essentially feminine parts of the body, and because of that, many of the stories our culture tells about womanhood and female sexuality live within this beautiful space. As you explore what your hips can do, remember to allow yourself to feel your emotions - bumps and grinds are not only a satisfying way to express your sexuality, but a great way to release anything pent up.

  • Day 3
    Let's talk about the energy of will or command - and trusting your gut. As you continue to develop your own personal style, it will become more and more important that you uncensor yourself - that you listen to yourself and move with more and more spontaneity. Remember, burlesque isn't a technical dance style, it's more about expressing your uniqueness with confidence.

  • Day 4
    We'll talk about the energy of the heart - my favorite, Love! This is where you'll want to focus on connecting to the audience in a sincere and meaningful way. Every audience will feel different - even when you're dancing for your lover, they may feel different each time. We want to tune into how our heart wants to bring us into union with our audience, and that can range from a soft compassionate nurturing tease to a full on smouldering bitch.

  • Day 5
    We'll talk about the energy of self expression, or speaking your truth! It's so important when you perform burlesque that you show up on stage (or in front of your lover) from a place of authenticity. Burlesque isn't about serving another person's fantasy about what's sexy - if I do this, if I wear this, if I say this, that person will find it sexy. Most of us have done and do enough of this in our lives. This is where you find out what YOU think is sexy.

  • Day 6
    We'll talk about the energy of vision and inspiration - for some, this is a natural energy that comes effortlessly. But in a culture that has valued linear thinking for thousands of years, there can be a tendency to rely too heavily on outer authority - that is, someone telling you exactly what the steps are and how to do them "right." And there can also be a great desire to place so much emphasis on being in control that we don't allow ourselves to savor the unexpected.

  • Day 7
    We'll talk about the energy of transformation and connection to your divinity. Within each of us is the seed of our future selves - just as we are, now, the sum total of our experiences in life, we will always continue to grow, evolve, and adapt. I want you to know that you have a say in how your life unfolds. Bad things happen and internal strife won't always be avoidable, but when you are in that open, optimistic state of being, notice how life just feels different. The same things that would tear you apart on a bad day just feel more manageable when your mood is lifted and your equilibrium is balanced.

  • BONUS: 20-Minute Warm-up
    Gentle stretch and strengthen

  • BONUS: Powerful 5-Minute Meditation
    Unleashing the Burlesque Headliner Within

  • 10% of proceeds for the month of November will go to Brave Space Alliance - a black-led, trans-led LGBTQ Center located on the South Side of Chicago, and designed to create and provide affirming and culturally competent services for the entire LGBTQ community of Chicago

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