7 Days to Burlesque

A Wholehearted Approach to Dance

You know you’ve got what it takes, but when it’s time to take centerstage and share your ideas and your creativity, you find yourself playing small and never satisfied with the results.

You’re tired of doubting yourself just when you most need confidence.

Are you ready for a renaissance? 

Burlesque has a powerful reputation for it’s ability to empower artists, onstage and off. And in this 7 day series, you’ll build confidence and trust in your body while practicing the provocative art of sensual dance in the privacy of your home. 

Each lesson puts you centerstage and works perfectly with any style of music you choose. 

(7) 20-minute burlesque lessons – $111
(1) BONUS! Meditation – $27
(1) BONUS! Warm-Up Stretch – $27
$165 $33!