Week One:
In Week One, you start telling your story. You also learn some adorable burlesque choreography, explore your artistic persona through writing, make pasties (really fun pasty templates included), and set intentions for what's to come.

Week Two:
In Week Two, you establish your presence - onstage and off. You learn more cheeky burlesque choreography, explore ambience through writing, make a headdress, and cherish the art of adorning.

Week Three:
In Week Three, you begin connecting to your audience. You use movement to visualize and embody your greatness, explore creating culture through writing, and take Self Love Selfies.

Week Four:
In Week Four, you explore Art as Play. You begin incorporating strip tease into your burlesque dance, engage the imagination through writing, and learn basic hair and makeup for the stage.

Week Five:
In Week Five, you step outside of your comfort zone. You learn movement that's more sensual and challenging, explore refined writing techniques, learn useful basic sewing skills, and discover what Courage looks like for you!

Week Six:
In Week Six, you explore influence. You also learn more advanced burlesque choreography, and visualize yourself as the star of the show.

Week Seven:
In Week Seven, you prepare to launch. You give your permission to take centerstage, you take a look into Annie's Costume Closet, and strengthen connection to your tribe.

Week Eight:
In Week Eight, you make the finishing touches. You learn tassel twirling, explore your evolution through writing, and tune into your body. Plus, prepare for the Becoming Burlesque Salon (held every 8 weeks to celebrate your art!)

In addition to life-time access to all of the above self-study courses, you'll have access to a collection of special content and videos!