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Burlesque is about the courage to BE SEEN.

Have you ever felt invisible? When you’re taking centerstage (at work, in life), do you find yourself physically shrinking and unsure of yourself? In relationships, do you ever find yourself prioritizing your partner’s pleasure and care, even at the expense of your own?

In over 13 years of teaching burlesque, I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t experienced these kinds of subtle messages – so it’s no wonder that, from dieting to crossing our legs, most women try to take up less space or be invisible.

When we shrink, we embody out-dated paradigms that have conditioned women to nurture others while limiting their own pleasure and potential.

I want to help you to let go of this programming for good.

Burlesque asks that you stop playing small.  Ecdysiasts peel-off layers of “good girls don’t do that” to reveal the vibrant, confident Goddess within. This sacred sensual dance is a celebration of the very essence of the Divine Feminine – a place where the pleasure and liberation of the artist onstage is centered and celebrated.

The artists who enroll in The Becoming Burlesque Masterclass want to engage more joyfully in their art practice. They are ready to explore and express parts of themselves that have been concealed and to integrate these stories into a new art.

Through your Becoming Burlesque practice, you invest in self-love techniques that will guide you toward making personal upgrades in all aspects of your life.

This program is for YOU if:

  • Something is holding you back from fully expressing yourself
  • You’re ready to burst through your comfort zone
  • You’re in the cheering section for the other people in your life
  • You know that self-love starts with investing time in…yourself

I know that each of us is limitless. We are creators living subjective realities where our unique perspective paints our personal beliefs – beliefs that are sacred and very real for each of us. My goal is to uplift and honor the potential we have to create harmony and unity through embracing the sacred power of creative expression.

To honor each Goddess’s path, I’ve created a holistic burlesque program that includes modules where you stretch, dance, write, meditate, and make costumes. And it begins with The Illuminated Artist – an 8-week initiation where you and I will work together one-on-one to build the basics of your burlesque practice.

And I’ll be right there beside you as you uncover the next steps in your journey, including creating a one-of-a-kind burlesque routine!

Benefits of this program include:

  • Learn the provocative art of Burlesque
  • Practice expressing yourself more freely
  • Ask for what you want with more confidence
  • Honor your own boundaries with more authority
  • Share joy with the world through your unique talents
  • Access to a supportive mentor who wants you to thrive
  • Build life-long sisterhood with like-minded artists

You’ll also receive invitations to private group coaching calls through the end of 2022.  Plus life-time access to my burlesque library: filled with tutorials on everything from pasty-making to how to do a stocking peel!

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