Chicago Bachelorette Parties + Retreats

Throwing a party?  

Picture your guests shimmying together to a flirty burlesque dance routine!

Virtual Burlesque Party

I’m Red Hot Annie, and I’ve been working with bachelorettes for over 13 years, so I know what makes a party fun and memorable – plus I LOVE teaching burlesque – online and in person! 

Tell your guests in advance – or do it “flash mob” style and I’ll join your party at a time predetermined in advance. In 45-60 memorable minutes, you’ll join with your besties to practice a naughty rite-of-passage filled with bumps, grinds, shimmies, and shakes. 

Perfect for breaking the ice, bonding with new friends, and – really – it’s gotta be one of the best “honeymoon gifts” a girlfriend could give!! 

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