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Becoming Burlesque Masterclass

In Becoming Burlesque, we will integrate sensual dance, adornment practices, meditation, as well as social media coaching and personal development exercises to cultivate solo artistry, as well to create unique story-telling videos, images and written word to share with the world.

Perfect for onstage and video performance, as well as impactful personal connection.

We'll dance, write, take photos, and learn the aesthetic crafts (costuming, hair, makeup) related to burlesque via recorded/live video as well as weekly 1:1 coaching checkins.

Whether you are looking to become a burlesque performer, feel more confident and sexy, or try something outside of your comfort zone, this course will give you a transformative boost you will never forget!

Begins Oct 4, 2020

online burlesque classes

You'll receive:
(8) 60-Minute Dance Lessons (including stretches & drills) * perfect for beginners

(8) 45-Minute Writing Lessons * crafting an artist name, tagline, introduction, story, and style

(8) 45-Minute Arts & Crafts Lessons * DIY costumes, sets, hair, and makeup

(4) 45-Minute Self-Care Exercises & Meditations * Be still and know thyself, and thine hot-ass creative potential

(8) 30-Minute Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions - scheduled at your convenience

Plus access to an amazing online community and personalized, one-on-one expert advise on everything from building a website to performing worldwide!

online burlesque classes

Becoming burlesque

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unleashing your inner goddess

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