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Becoming Burlesque Masterclass

Hello! I'm Red Hot Annie - you may know me as the C.E.Oh! Of Vaudezilla, where for over 13 years, we've WOW'ed Chicago through myriad provocative theatre events and classes, most notably, burlesque!

It is with deepest gratitude and humility that I offer you an all-access pass to the knowledge I have acquired while creating art for 20+ years on stage, in thousands of shows - as well as the movement, writing, arts, and meditation techniques I have developed through working with thousands of Artists all over the world who want to explore and express the many facets of their sexuality with total freedom.

As a Survivor, Mom, and full-time artist for 20 years, I've witnessed the POWER of Naughty Art to heal sexual wounds, encourage courageous living, and transform lives. I do this work in hope that we find harmony and unity as a country and world - I stand, proudly with beauty, humanity and above all else, LOVE.

My goal, through this course is to feed and cultivate the creativity and courage that you already possess. I also wish to fortify our individual and collective sense of Sovereignty, while tickling all the nooks and crannies where an artist finds inspiration.

It is my deepest intention that you Know Your Divinity.

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becoming burlesque payment becoming burlesque payment plan

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Ms. Sophia Arcane
As an alchemist, I make love to my Shadow which shines Light on Gifts of Wisdom to share with the Collective. Take a seat, I'm here to teach you a lesson.

~ watch Sophia Arcane's testimonial ~

testimonial becoming burlesque

Miss Honey Buns
Burlesque Performer & Comedian
An all around sweet treat, here to make you laugh, make you gasp, or just shake her ass!

~ watch Miss Honey Buns' testimonial ~

becoming burlesque what's included

You'll receive:

  • 8 Weekly 30-Minute 1:1 Check-Ins with Annie
    Scheduled at Your Convenience

  • 8 Weekly Self Study Modules
    Study at your own pace: burlesque, arts + crafts, writing & meditation

    Life-time access, 10+ hours of multi-faceted theatre arts training
  • 8 Weekly Sharing Circles
    Saturdays, 11am-1pm CST
    (Also available by recording)

  • PLUS BONUS! Monthly Gathering
    All Past & Current Members gather once a month
    First Saturdays, 11am-1pm CST
    (Also available by recording)

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