2022 Astrology: Sun (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sun Sep 18   9:57pm CST  26 deg 12 min

The Sun in Virgo is about exactness and purity in your consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn is about transforming top-down power structures. It’s transforming our jobs and our relationship with authority.

A trine is an effortless easy fusion of these energies, giving the native beneficial energy that they are barely aware of.  Unlike sextiles which are sexy and exciting, a trine is much more subtle. There’s nothing to do but benefit from this energy, or make a conscious choice how you’ll use the energy of the day, and then savor the results.

For example, it could be really easy to influence other people, without even knowing it. You’ll find a lot of clarity and ease manifesting when it comes to your career or public life. It might be a time when you look at your work and decide which parts have grown stale and in need of an update. 

Virgo is going to help you declutter.  Pluto is going to help you transform.

This energy getting subterranean – Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, so it’s not afraid to approach things that are taboo. Death and rebirth are big themes, and so is sex.  This could be about a deep, wholehearted connection to and expression of your sexuality.

However this energy expresses itself in your personal life, you can expect fruitful, manifestation energy. Don’t be afraid to push some boundaries – because this is the energy of having a breakthrough that brings rebirth in a relationship.

Astrology 2022: Mercury (Libra, retro) opposition Jupiter (Aries, retro)Astrology 2022:

Mercury in Libra is about partnerships and balanced communication. This is a charming energy that knows just what to say and how to say it. It’s poised, balanced, and naturally beautiful because Libra is ruled by Venus.

Jupiter in Aries wants to see you expanding your own individual opportunities. Jupiter in Aries wants to take powerful, expansive action NOW. 

Oppositions always happen on an axis, where our goal is to discover how to harmonize dualistic experiences and philosophies.  How do we respond to things that seem like they seem to contradict? 

Your body is the best tool you’ve got – think about how you practice placing one foot in front of another on a balance beam, and use your inner ear, your inner eye to bring equilibrium.

Mercury opposed Jupiter can bring us really great social plans and deepened conversations about our partnerships.

But there can also be a tension between the way our day-to-day habits of communicating don’t align with our long term plans or our understanding of rules at school, church, or work.

In fact, it could bring a whole lot of talking, so be mindful about the words you use. Be careful what you choose to follow phrases like “I am.” Whatever you say next, you are manifesting. 

Same thing with “I can’t.” Try “I’m learning to…” Or “I choose not to…”

In fact, “I choose” is one of the most powerful phrases we have. And it’s a powerful way to work with the loquaciousness of this opposition. 

“I choose to open to bigger ideas.”

“I choose to take both of our needs into consideration.”

“I choose to press pause on this conversation for now.”

You could even feel like you have to put up with a lot of bureaucracy for something that was supposed to come easy. This isn’t a difficult opposition, but you might find yourself putting more energy into something than what you’re getting out of it.

If you tendency to get a little scattered, this is the perfect time to narrow your view and focus on discernment, balance, and equalizing before moving forward.

Because of Mercury’s retrograde, this opposition will happen three times. 

Look for any repeating themes – the last time this transit happened was Sep 2.

What are you gaining more clarity about? You’ll receive more information with this week’s transit on Sep 18 and will hopefully find resolution when it happens for the third and final time on Oct 12.

2022 Astrology: Mars (Gemini) sextile Chiron (Aries, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sat Sep 17    9:54pm CST           15 deg

On Sat, Sep 17 at 9:54pm CST, Mars in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries (also retrograde) at exactly 15 degrees.

With Mars in frenetic Gemini, there could a desire to go after and do lots of things

Chiron in Aries, a combination that is about going it alone, while healing and helping in your own unique way.

When these two planets join with in a sexy sextile, what we get is creative, fruitful potential. In a trine, natives might experience the energy in a more subtle way but Sextiles are bit more exciting! 

We may find motivation to take action about things that hurt in our life. 

Mars is at home in Aries, so being in sextiling with a planet like Chiron who is in Aries will help us feel courageous – like we can do anything. Chrion knows how to work through the wounded masculine energy that each of us carry as humans at this moment in herstory. When we are each aware of and tending to our own patriarchal and sexual wounds, it impacts the collective healing, too.

This is powerful energy for translating our wounds into words. 

So it’s a perfect day for writing healing poetry, participating in a benefit performance, or sharing your own healing abilities with others.

Astrology 2022: Sun (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces, retro)Astrology 2022:

Fri Sep 16     4:20pm CST           24 deg 02 min

On Fri, Sep 16 at 4:20pm CST, Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces.

With the Sun in Virgo, there’s a sense of purity and clarity in our conscious field – this is the energy of taking analysis of the harvest, tlookinghas grown, and looking for how we can improve the process for the next season. 

Virgo is mutable earth, and speaks to the transformation that happens in the late summer, when the earth turns from Summer to Fall.  

However, with Neptune in Pisces, instead of analyzing, we may feel called to escape, and find ourselves lost in daydreams. Neptune/Pisces shadow energy can be susceptive to confusion, deception. Depending on where Pisces falls in your natal chart, you could feel a total lack of clarity or insecurity.

An opposition is like a seesaw, where we must find the balance between two divergent energies– balancing experiences or philosophies that can seem like they contradict. Alchemize any uncomfortable energies caused by oppositions by sensing balance within our bodies.

We can harmonize distortion through ritual, through the breath, and imagination and opening to inspiration from spirit.  

Astrology 2022: Venus (Virgo) square Mars (Gemini)

Fri Sep 16     12:48pm CST         14 deg 23 min

Venus in Virgo is about purity in relating to others, making sure the only ulterior motive that we have is towards the health and well-being of our affiliations.

Mars in Gemini is about burning through copious amounts of information and taking action – even if it’s occasionally a little impulsive or impatient or confrontational.

When there’s a square, it’s like these two energies are squaring off, which is what happens between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini on Fri, Sep 16 at 12:48pm CST.

A square is an opportunity to practice alchemy. Alchemy is taking whatever emotion happens spontaneously and transforming it into a higher octave, a higher vibration. It isn’t easy, but it’s the most valuable work we can do during our time in Earth school.

If you’re curious where this energy will most affect you, download a free natal chart on my website, so you can see what houses Venus and Mars are transiting.  That way you’ll have a better idea of how you can best use the energy pouring in from the universe.

Because both of these planets are about how we approach relationships, this could indicate a challenge between being pure with our intentions and going after a variety that’s being offered: from food to relationships, variety can bring satisfaction, but it can also bring temptation.

If you’re having love-hate feelings towards your experience, or your temper is suddenly cramping your ability to connect, or if your ambition is getting the better of a relationship – pause and recognize that this passionate energy can be alchemized! 

Hot energies like anger can be transformed through a good workout, impromptu dance parties, hot sex, running, or playing sports – anything that makes your heart pound in your chest.

Consider how we can burn off excess Mars energy through a project that requires our drive and determination.

But remember, since it’s Friday, it also Venus’ days, so she has the upper hand. How does Venus in Virgo energy save the day?

Decluttering that scattered energy

Allowing our pure intentions to have the final say when we make decisions.

2022 Astrology: Sun (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sun Sep 11   time?                    18 deg 47 min

When the Sun in Virgo trines Uranus, currently retrograde in Taurus, there’s contentment to be found in being the outsider. This transit makes it easy to express your uniqueness. 

The sun’s liberating influence effortlessly blends with Uranus need for rebellion and independence, and you just might find it’s a lot easier to do it your own way, even if that means breaking social norms.

I think it will be hard to conform to external expectations, or to even notice them, possibly. I suspect this will be like a welcome break from your usual routine, where you get massive inspiration and epiphanies about things pertaining to your health and finances.

In the bigger picture, we could see a major social change – more holistic approaches to food, sustainability, and money – how it’s created and provided to others. These highly spiritual planets are both in earth signs, so we could see a beautiful consciousness raising around how we care for and sustain the earth, bringing spiritual practices like blessing our food, blessing the land. Daiy life 

Truly, this transit speaks to our attunement with the universal mind.

Astrology 2022: Full Moon in Pisces

Sat Sep 10    3:59am CST           17 deg 41 min

Pisces is the most profound water sign, one of depth and emotions, creativity and artistry. The Full Moon is a time of revelations, where things are brought out into the light, so to speak.

With the full moon in Pisces on Sep 10, expect an eye-opening moment of truth, especially as it pertains to where your boundaries can be blurred. Pisces is known for its compassion, its willingness to forgive. This superpower can also mean that Pisces energy has to work through a daydreamy quality – since there can be a very real desire escape not to be attached to the 4D world.

The shadow aspects of Pisces has a lot to do with addiction, losing track of time, and being oblivious about consequences for actions. So this is an excellent time to connect to those you love, share your truth, and hold space for theirs.

The Full Harvest Moon is an excellent time to practice a releasing ritual, such as writing the things you’re most afraid of on a piece of paper and burning it, while consciously opening yourself to the grace of The Divine.

2022 Astrology: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Fri Sep 9      9:38pm CST           8 deg 55 min

Mercury retrograde begins Friday, Sep 9. Mercury will review the area of your chart where Libra is located, so take a look at what falls between 8 degrees Libra and 24 degrees of Virgo, because that’s where this retrograde will take place.

Mercury in Libra is about being a social butterfly, but this retrograde period can also mark an awareness of how you’re holding yourself back in social situations – sometimes we’re too kind, too polite, and instead of building intimacy with those we love, we bide our time avoiding conflict.

They say that during Mercury retrograde, it’s best to avoid signing any big contracts, and that’s because during Mercury retrograde, we can experience mixups pertaining to whatever area of the chart it traverses.

In Libra, this can look like things having to do with diplomacy. You may have to circle back and clarify yourself when it comes to your family, home, or partnerships – since these are places where that Libra energy will be seeking symmetry and balance.

On September 23rd, Mercury continues to traces it steps back to Virgo, where it has rulership. Mercury will continue to travel backwards to 24 degrees of Virgo before going direct on October 2, so be prepared to spend that leg of the retrograde sorting out things having to do with Virgo’s interests: routines, organization, scheduling as it pertains to where Virgo falls in your chart.

Download your FREE natal chart to see where this transit will most affect you.

2022 Astrology Reading: Venus enters Virgo

Venus enters Virgo on Sun, Sep 4, 2022.

It’ll be there from Sep 5-29.

With Venus in Virgo, you will find practicality rules supreme. 

Virgo is a sign that’s about your daily habits, being of service to others, and holistic health. Because it’s Venus, you’ll have access to this organized, unassuming energy, especially when it comes to your relationships, as well as the areas of your life ruled by Venus, including Libra & Taurus.  

You can download a free natal chart on my website 

In Virgo, you may find yourself pouring into those relationships where there is a sense of loyalty and commitment – and don’t be surprised if you want to have “The Talk” in a  relationship.

Virgo energy can also be overly critical – so try flipping the script and using one of Virgo’s favorite skills: curiosity! Ask questions instead to get to the heart of matters, think about it as collecting data points on the people you.

From a romantic standpoint, you can expect a more earthy sensuality, Virgo is going commit to doing a good job.

This will also be a great time to triple check details – especially with Mercury going intro retrograde (which I’ll talk about momentarily).

This is a lovely time to do some pre-equinox housekeeping, meticulous decluttering – and even decide NOT to pursue a new interest based on conservative, practical reasons. With Venus in Virgo, what you pour your heart into needs to have purpose, so unless it contributes to your healing, health and day-to-day activities, it may get backburnered during this transit.

Download your FREE natal chart to see where this transit will most affect you.

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