Hire a Burlesque Artist in Chicago

I love performing at holiday parties, dinners and events, including grandpa’s 80th birthday – a polite bit of spice can go a long way!

Invite me to perform one of my trademark burlesque acts at your special event.

My name’s Red Hot Annie, and with over 13 years of experience, I know what makes a party memorable!

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I love to shower love and attention on the guest of honor, and to do it in a way that any audience will remember and appreciate.

Tell your guests in advance – or plan it as a surprise! – and I’ll join your party at a time predetermined in advance. In 3-5 memorable minutes (or more), you’ll experience the classy glamour of retro-inspired burlesque – filled with bumps, grinds, shimmies, and tassel twirling! 

Annie’s Repertoire of Acts (click to watch)

Queen Bee

Grand Prize Gams