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Curious about working with Red Hot Annie via our virtual burlesque classes, but not sure it's a good fit for you? Try out some basic burlesque moves and we'll have you bumping, grinding, & shimmying in no time. In this 45-minute taster workshop, you'll have fun and learn more about the art of burlesque!

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I Believe in the POWER of Naughty Art to Uplift Humanity

Hi! I'm Red Hot Annie! You may know me as the C.E.Oh! Of Vaudezilla, where for over 12 years, we've WOW'ed Chicago through myriad provocative theatre events and classes, most notably, burlesque!

It is with deepest gratitude that I offer an all-access pass to the knowledge I have acquired while creating art for 20+ years on stage, in thousands of shows - as well as the movement, writing, arts, and meditation techniques I have developed through working with thousands of womyn (and men) all over the world who want to explore and express the many facets of their sexuality with total freedom.

As a Survivor, Mom, and full-time artist (of a few genres) for 20 years, I know how the POWER of Naughty Art heals sexual wounds, encourages courageous living, and transform lives. I do this work in hope that we find harmony and unity as a country and world - I stand, proudly with beauty, equality, and LOVE.

My goal, through this course is to feed and cultivate the creativity and courage that you already possess. I also wish to fortify our individual and collective sense of Sovereignty, while tickling all the nooks and crannies where an artist finds inspiration.

It is my deepest intention that you Know Your Divinity

The Oct/Nov session of Becoming Burlesque is now CLOSED.

Becoming burlesque online burlesque classes

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Build your glamorous persona (on-stage, online, and in person) with intimate guidance from me, Red Hot Annie. Becoming Burlesque

In my Signature Course (live 8-week course via Zoom, with lifetime replays), Becoming Burlesque, we will integrate a spectrum of movement, writing, and innovative story-telling through online platforms like Instagram to assist you in being yourself, transforming yourself, and making a life transition with grace and beauty!

virtual burlesque classes

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Gather with us. Dust off your limitless potential and join us as we reach for the stars!

unleashing your inner goddess
Unleashing Your Inner Goddess is a once-a-week chill Self Love Workshop that includes stretching, spoken word, and guest artists I've met over the years.

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Pop a Pastie! @ Becoming Burlesque

Cultivate Self Love
I use empowering, intersectional language to create an uplifting creative environment where you'll get in touch with yourself in new ways.

Celebrate Your Sensuality
Let go and embrace your sexy! Burlesque is the divine art of bump and grind - move in wholeness, learn to shimmy shake, and dance like the Goddess you are!

Get Artsy!
We talk about the special ways you can dress up basic lingerie pieces and how to dream up and create a full burlesque costume, including corset, fishnets, pasties (or you own style!).

virtual burlesque classes

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Let's get started!

You've already got everything you need to feel beautiful. Whether you're looking to cultivate more confidence in the boardroom or spice things up in the bedroom, you'll find just what you're looking for!

Burlesque has a divine reputation for empowering people of all ages, sizes, colors, and abilities! Engage your mind, body, and soul with focused ferocity and align with the smoldering, confident queen that is inside you as you come play with me!

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