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Some days I feel like I’ve spent my whole life on stage – in fact, I’ve dreamt of making it big since I said my first lines on stage at 15 – but it wasn’t until I was in my mid-thirties that I realized my love of theatre was rooted in my desire to use my voice and body to connect to and serve others. 

When I found burlesque, I found the opportunity to do just that. 

The first time I took my clothes off on stage was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life – and while it brought me face to face with some of my greatest fears, it also brought me the greatest sense of triumph I had ever felt. I wanted to share that sense of freedom with others, to help people express themselves and cultivate a sense of self love, but as I gained reknown as an international showgirl, I found myself in a constant state of self-consciousness, trying desperately to live up to the expectations of others. 

All too often, I lost my voice when I needed to share my preferences and all too often, I found myself giving to others when I had hardly enough for myself. I was pulled in every direction by my need to give to people, my desire to make them happy, and a deep sense of not enough-ness. 

I was helping people, but because of my big heart, more often than not, I was doing it for free. My family didn’t get my work, I was battling feelings of body shame, and I felt like I wasn’t a good enough performer, teacher, or business person. 

In short, I was in over my head. 

All because I hadn’t noticed what was happening inside my body. 

Then came my moment of truth. 

One summer, I found myself exhausted – for years, I’d been chasing the crown in burlesque competitions, touring around the world seeking acknowledgment from my peers – hoping someone would help me ease the neediness I felt inside. I had the sinking feeling that I’d built dozens of relationships on what I could do for them. I burned with rage at myself for allowing others to take advantage of my work and energy, often without compensation, recognition or appreciation. 

And I chose to ignore those feelings by escaping into work, one night stands, and an obsession with how I looked. 

And all the while, my dream – to really help people – stayed tucked away. 

One day on tour, I made a list of what really mattered to me – and realized that not one thing on the list was present in my life. And I felt sick to my stomach. 

You come to a certain point where enough is enough. 

The only joy in my week was teaching burlesque – helping people see their inner beauty and express it with courage on stage. Even though I knew that was my dream – to help others cultivate Love of their Self, Body, and Life and to do it in my own authentic way, I continued to question whether I had enough training or experience, whether I would be rejected by my peers, and if my family would ever really understand who I was becoming. 

That’s when I realized, I had been looking for Love in all the wrong places. 

Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy – there’s no one giving you permission to “get out there and tell your story” – it’s scary and vulnerable to share where you’re stuck and ask for help. There were so many times when I wanted to pivot, to do something more in line with my heart, but a part of me felt invisible – like the juiciest parts of the Real Me were hidden away. 

That’s when I found my courage. People who crave true freedom and independence won’t settle for living their whole life in the shadow of other people’s expectations. Daring womyn do powerful things in the world because we aren’t easily categorized or censored. We bring powerful unique perspectives not only to our work, but our friendships and families, and to a changing society. 

Uninhibited womyn are transforming the world. 

I wanted my body to feel free. I wanted to love myself and to love my life. But just because you intend to free yourself doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy – and just because you’ve decided you no longer need outside validation doesn’t mean it’s going to happen overnight. 

You have to do something different. 

I’m Red Hot Annie and for 12 years, I’ve been working with people all over the world to uncensor themselves, to overcome body shame, and to share their most provocative, juicy, and authentic inner self with others – whether that’s for an audience of 1 or 1,000. 

And today I’m inviting you to join a community of liberated womyn, to release fears around not being enough and addiction to outside validation, while learning to unconditionally Love your Self, Body, and Life – and to step into the role of creator in a life you’ve always dreamed of. 

It’s taken me 12 years to feel truly empowered, to Love my Self, my Body, and my Life and to feel complete ownership of my sensuality and creativity. I want to help you shortcut those lessons, so that you don’t have to learn through trial and error. Doing it alone is hard – it’s costing you time, it’s costing you money, and it’s costing you your relationship with your body, your partners, and your dreams. 

It’s time for you to fully and unconditionally embrace your Self and your Body – maybe for the first time in your Life. 

And I can help. 

This is not a *just* an online burlesque class where you’ll learn basic dance moves (you will!) and then be set out into the world to get on stage (you can!) – but this is a life-changing, transformational course, mentorship, and supportive community where real people are breaking through their self-limiting beliefs and becoming creative powerhouses.  

I help womyn be seen and heard so that they can make more money, impact, and connection through their businesses. 

It’s time for your Life to be nothing short of magical. I’m inviting you to join our community of creative, heart-centered, empowering womyn. This is your moment of truth – uncensor yourself for good and take the next step. 

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