Naked on the Internet for Twenty Years

First, watch the video! And then, when you’re ready – read on to continue your journey! 

In each moment, we have the opportunity to become the greatest version of ourselves – through experiences that challenge and push us outside of our comfort zone, we continually evolve. 

Many people have nightmares of being in their underwear in public, so I say if you can intentionally strip down to your underwear in public, then there’s nothing that can stop you! 

Through 7 Days to Burlesque: A Wholehearted Approach to Dance, you’ll have access to (7) 20-minute courses intended to help you build confidence and trust in your body while practicing the provocative art of sensual dance. Each lesson puts you centerstage and works perfectly with any style of music you choose. 

Let me guide you in discovering and harnessing your own creativity while practicing self and raising your overall command and presence while loving your body – impactful skills for onstage performance that are just as powerful in the boardroom as they are in the bedroom.  LEARN MORE

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