I’m Raising $1,000 for Resilience


updated 12/17/2021

I am raising $1,000 for Resilience, a not-for-profit here in Chicago that is dedicated to the healing and empowering of survivors of sexual assault.  

Their work especially matters to me because of the way their work amplifies positive change around policies and narratives toward sexual assault.  

When I came forward about my assault in 1992, there were really limited resources available to me. I had to rely on the stories that people shared – silent and spoken – to piece together a sense of my place in this world. My self esteem suffered as I struggled to understand how to receive support, heal, move on.

Finding support through group and personal therapy, as well as creative outlets where I could love and accept myself is where I began to actively reclaim my self love. This is how I know that Survivors need to be heard, seen, and supported in order for the world to become a more blissful place.

Resilience offers Trauma Therapy, Crisis Intervention, Medical and Legal Advocacy – and they even have a Survivor Engagement Committee that is open to all survivors.

When we have support and we learn how to trust ourselves, we can heal even very deep pain. I believe that in order to truly heal our culture, we have to let go of blame/shame/guilt and embrace the power of being held through love and compassion.

On Instagram, please follow @resiliencechi

For the month of November & December 2021, I will be donating a portion of profits from classes (studio & virtual), all of my performance fees/tips, and 50% of pasty & boa sales to raise $1,000.  

If you’d like to contribute toward my goal, please connect with me: