Tease & Reveal Tip #2 – You are perfect. As-is. ​

You don’t need to be like the person in the photo. 

You don’t need to have a certain kind of body or be the world’s greatest dancer.  

You don’t need to look or be like everyone else.  

Some of the best, most well-known artists in the industry look nothing like the high gloss, photoshopped beauties that you see in magazines and movies about burlesque. These real life showgirls have found a way to not only leverage, but revel in their imperfections – and the world loves them for it! 

You are perfectly imperfect.  

Your perceived imperfections are part of what makes you so special. And you deserve to be celebrated – worshipped, even! – for who you are right now…exactly as you are! 

Not when you lose twenty pounds, not when you’ve won an award, not when you have a partner or get a promotion at work.  

You are worthy NOW. 

Accept that you are enough and deserve happiness – just as you are. And voila – the world is yours! 

Feel the power of being completely you:
– Give yourself permission to make mistakes and grow from them
– Take ownership of your own narrative by embracing your story
– Share with confidence knowing that vulnerability is not a flaw 

Wait no more! 

Burlesque is about exploring and carving out your own path. There’s no need to wait until you’ve got everything figured out – you deserve to share your real, messy self without fear of judgment or shame. Your story matters, and it’s the rawness of the real you that will give you the most power in sharing it. 

Let your truth shine on stage and off!​ 

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