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Mars Retrograde 2022

Virtual Workshop

Mars in Gemini wants to see you thrive in high-paced, multi-faceted situations. Alchemize this fiery surge of energy with these feminine energy tools.

Mars Retrograde 2022

Written in the Stars: Intro to your Natal Chart

Saturday, Nov 5
Private Location, NW side of Chicago

Take a deep breath and submerge yourself in the art+science of astrology, and change how you see this world forever!

Learn the fundamentals of reading your natal chart. There is more to astrology than what you may first see with the naked eye! Use this powerful resource to raise consciousness about how your unique story plays into the greater story being told.

Bring your natal chart, or date/time/location of birth.

Universal Healing Circle

Saturday, Dec 3
Private Location, NW side of Chicago

Each of us deserves community and support on our journey.

Join our powerful divine feminine collective and release what is holding you back from receiving the abundance you deserve. In our intimate healing circle, you’ll deepen your Love Practice through basic healing practices.

This powerful circle includes breath work, meditation, sharing, and intention-setting rituals. Grow your self-love and creativity while acknowledging and busting through personal limits to receive what you desire within relationship, health, work, wealth, spiritual, mental and more.

Come ready to dance.

The Awakened Feminine: Manifesting 101

Saturday, Jan 7
Private Location, NW side of Chicago
For this workshop, please bring your astrological natal chart – get a copy of yours here.

Only you have the power to bring the experiences you crave to Life!

Work with the cycles of nature and your own divine timing to invite powerful transformation in your life. Release old patterns through breath work and transformational group coaching, while learning and establishing healthy self-love habits that serve you through the inevitability of change. 

Build community while creating an empowered vision of wellness in all facets of your life: relationship, health, work, wealth, spiritual, mental and beyond. This powerful group coaching workshop includes breath work, meditation, dance, and intention-setting rituals. 

Come ready to dance.

All Sacred Earth Art workshops are FREE to members of the Becoming Burlesque Masterclass

Get notified about future workshops & classes:

Private Coaching

Work one-on-one with me to take your self-love and creativity practice to the next level. Learn more about private coaching with me here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do I wear for workshops?

Wear clothing you feel comfortable moving in.

What level of experience do I need to join your workshops?

No experience is needed for any of my workshops.

How’s parking?

There’s plenty of metered parking outside of the studio, as well as plenty of free parking on the side streets.

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