The Goddess Collection – A Living Library

Imagine a matriarchal culture where knowledge of The Mother Goddess has redefined our approach to everything from relationships to the education system.

In spite of millennia of oppression and censorship – the potency of this icon’s all-pervading life energy continues to speak to us – and spark within us – the creative process.

Through my living library, The Goddess Collection, I combine storytelling with sourced materials to explore the roots of modern language, beliefs, and practices and their link to The Divine.

We begin in the most essential place – the ancient art+science of  Astrology.

In the 4-part series, Language of the Stars, you’ll be immersed in the her-story of astrology. We’ll explore the astrology and mythology of each planet, demystify the energies of the 12 Zodiacal archetypes, and integrate the lost stories of The Mother Goddess, as she appears in countless phases and faces.

Learn more about yourself and your intuitive lineage through the hidden herstory of The Goddess.

– Gain a comprehensive understanding of astrology and its connection to mythology.

– Discover the unique energies and characteristics associated with each planet and zodiac sign.

– Uncover the stories and symbolism of The Mother Goddess throughout history and cultures.

– Expand your knowledge of astrology beyond the traditional Western perspective.

– Deepen your connection to the natural world and the cosmic forces that shape our lives.

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Members of The Goddess Collection join me monthly for LIVE calls and workshops, focused on remembering, healing, and integrating our ancient matriarchal roots.

With your monthly subscription, you’ll receive:

  • Language of Light – my brand new, 4-part introduction to astrology ($99 value)
  • 7 Days to Burlesque – embrace your sacred exhibitionist! ($33 value)
  •  Joyful Leadership – 3 Day Meditation Challenge
  • A monthly meditation/ritual aligned with the New Moon and Full Moons

New content added weekly – 8 hours of material and growing!