What’s in Your Underwear Drawer?

Recently, I went through my underwear drawer – and I was horrified! 

​ After being pregnant for most of 2019 and in quarantine for most of 2020, I realized that my “comfy” undies had gotten just a little TOO comfy! I’d told myself that “since I wasn’t really seeing people,” the mismatched, sagging elastic, frayed seams and holes were no big deal. ​ 

So when I took stock this week, I realized that what was left of my unmentionables was really NOT worth mentioning – it was time to Declutter! ​ 

Out with the old,
In with the new. ​ 

Nowadays most people have heard of Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method – essentially a process of decluttering your home by letting go – with gratitude, of course – of any possessions that don’t “spark joy.” ​ 

Have you ever tried it? ​ 

Here’s how I do it: Imagine that your home and your possessions are an extension of yourself, your inner world and your evaluation of yourself and what’s possible for you. Go through your home (or just a closet or drawer) and rid yourself of excess baggage – anything unnecessary or related to someone you used to be. This might be anything that hurts your heart when you look at it. It could also be gifts or purchases you’ve made that never really suited you. But it’s also anything that doesn’t fit, is broken, or is just scraping by. ​ 

In short, what’s cluttering your space is a reflection of what’s cluttering your heart! ​ 

Decluttering might look like:
Donating clothing that doesn’t fit
Closing unfinished or failed projects
Tossing trinkets from exes 

​ Since Nature abhors a vacuum, this highly symbolic action is a clear signal to the Universe that you’re ready for “more of the good stuff.” ​ 

When I would put on those old underthings day after day, it reminded me of being pregnant, “making do” when things got really tight during the pandemic, and ultimately, those raggedy drawers reminded me of being isolated and in emergency mode. ​ 

It was time to LET GO. ​ 

It was time to upgrade. ​ 

But upgrades don’t have to be materialist or expensive or unsustainable. Most of the time, it’s better to have a single, high-quality bra that really fits and makes you feel sexy than to have several that are just shuffled around in your drawer. Decluttering has had a powerful impact on purchasing habits and the desire to accumulate “stuff.” 

​ And, remember, it’s not about fitting into someone else’s standards – it’s how you feel. ​ 

What a difference it made to to stand in front of the mirror this week – in matching bra and panties that fit my beautiful post-baby curves. Even after all these years as a burlesque dancer, I still marvel at how feeling a bit more pretty underneath my clothes results in more confidence at work and at home! <3 

​ I’m curious – do your possessions accurately reflect how you value yourself?

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