Cultivating Confidence & Self Love with the Art of Burlesque (Chicago & Beyond!)

Get in touch with your feminine energy!

Burlesque is a unique art practice where we unite dance, costuming, storytelling – and more! – in glamorous self-love ritual that empowers confidence, creativity, and community!

Share a night filled with glamour, excitement, and once-in-a-lifetime memories when you plan your Chicago burlesque party with me!

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Back in 2008, I first heard the call of burlesque – but I never dreamed of the places it would take me!

I’ve been fortunate to share my story onstage in intimate late-night cabarets at VAUDEZILLA! Burlesque Spectacular – our weekly Chicago burlesque show – and I’ve toured internationally to perform my one-of-a-kind solo acts in six countries and nearly every state, including the biggest events in the world like The New York Burlesque Festival & The Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Yes, I’ve experienced my fair share of dream gigs…but what keeps me coming back to burlesque? Gathering with other bad-ass women and femmes to celebrate beauty, courage, and full-body liberation!

Welcome to the world of Chicago burlesque!

Each artist’s story is different.

As a teacher for over a decade at my own Vaudezilla Studios, I learned that many of the students who take my burlesque classes never dreamed they’d step foot onstage…

Yet, they, too, heard the call of burlesque, and their heart answered!

Burlesque is an invitation to attune to your deepest inner knowing, and activate unshakeable confidence

Burlesque blends sensuality and creativity in a unique multi-disciplinary art, where artists are tinkerers – challenging themselves to learn and grow through dancing, speaking, and singing on stage while exploring a wide array of crafting and aesthetic skills like hair, makeup, costuming, and prop-making.

The transformation doesn’t stop at skin-level. Through exploring my own burlesque practice, I transformed my relationship with my body and healed years, decades, and generations of trauma and deep wounds involving shame, neglect, and guilt.

I’ve witnessed hundreds of other women and femmes do the same. Plus, the confidence and self-esteem boost from creating a complete piece of performance art from nothing is nothing short of exhilarating!

I’ve performed and taught at hundreds of burlesque shows worldwide, including every major burlesque event in London, Paris, New York, Vegas, Munich, Glasgow, and more – and I have served as fairy godmother to countless illustrious local and worldwide burlesque stars, so I know what it takes to be seen and celebrated for your uniqueness!

I would love to share what I’ve learned about the art of burlesque with you!

If you feel called to deepen your connection to your body and feminine energy, and you are ready to create a self-love practice that’s fun and connects you with a vibrant community of artists, please inquire.

I would love to be part of your journey!

The Becoming Burlesque Workbook by Red Hot Annie

Accomplish your creative goals with support from exercises, writing prompts, and short stories I discovered on my burlesque journey.

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