Welcome to the World of Burlesque!

Real Life Burlesque

Join me for the empowering art of burlesque, in Chicago and beyond!

It took me years of teasing live audiences through burlesque to realize that the confidence that allowed me to reveal my body onstage was just as valuable in real life. 

Burlesque has a powerful reputation for empowering artists of all sizes and ages.

I’ve worked with thousands of students over 13 years. You, too, can learn how to use this powerful art form to bring more confidence and self-love into your every day life.

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A creative provocateur’s handbook

The Becoming Burlesque Workbook helps artists focus on accomplishing their creative goals. Through exercises, writing prompts,  and short stories, readers explore their unique path to creative bliss!

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7 Days to Burlesque

Get in touch with your inner Burlesque Queen from the comfort of your own home!

Raise your overall command and presence through heart-centered, confidence building, sexy, fun burlesque dancing in my 7 day virtual course.