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Burlesque is a revolutionary self-love practice.

Deepen your practice with weekly classes in our vibrant community. Learn the art of tease while connecting to open hearts in my intimate Chicago burlesque classes.

Or…sit back and enjoy being a voyeur! Celebrate the beauty and diversity of new strip-teasers and storytelling stars at local Chicago burlesque shows.

I know how to make a party memorable – learn moves with your besties, hire me to pop out of a cake, or play burlesque dress-up with your friends! Share the empowering art of burlesque at your bachelorette, birthday, or holiday party – Plan a private party

My work focuses on cultivating warm, receptive feminine energy and building intimacy and loving relationships with ourselves and others.

My unique approach to burlesque uses breath, sound, and dance to build awareness and trust within one’s body.

Since 2008, I have taught Chicago burlesque classes. I share the community with an eclectic array of artists who practice many modalities and styles of burlesque, feminine energy, and spiritual attunement – all at varying stages in their journey.

No two bodies are alike. We practice stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing ourselves as-is, experiencing our feelings and boundaries and releasing limits.

Many of the students I work with have never stepped foot in a dance studio, let alone onstage! Yet, they have heard the call of burlesque, and their heart answered.

You are worthy of pleasure and joy!

Share yourself in our circle. Slow down, feel once more. Practice communicating authentically, and in a way that builds true intimacy. Wear makeup and heels and lingerie (if you want), while learning veil fans, floorwork, chair dancing.

You can even go deeper, and learn unique skills like sewing, doing pin curls, fake eyelash application, and so much more!

We explore burlesque as a sacred dance, inviting each artist to attune to their unique inner sensuality and pleasure – and activate their own unique, undeniable, magnetic confidence

Be prepared! My practice will open you to receive in daring, authentic ways that bring intimacy, friendship, gifts, money, meaningful words and actions, and a deeper connection with everyone who matters to you.

Each artist’s story is different.

I’ve performed in thousands of burlesque shows worldwide, including every major burlesque event in London, Paris, New York, Vegas, Munich, Glasgow, and more. I have served as fairy godmother to countless illustrious local and world-wide burlesque stars, so I know what it takes to be seen and celebrated for your uniqueness.

I would love to share what I’ve learned about the art of burlesque with you!

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