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Burlesque is revolutionary self love.

Unapologetically revel in your sensuality with a community of like-minded artists in my Chicago burlesque classes.

Empower divine feminine energy with liberating sacred dance.

Experience the thrill of exhibitionism and rebel against shame and negative body image.

Embark on a unique self-love journey.

I invite you to Unleash Your Inner Goddess with my free 60-minute introduction to the art of burlesque:

Build confidence while practicing feminine energy.

Get them chasing you!

One of the biggest signs that you’re stuck in masculine energy is that you struggle to receive.

Do you do-it-yourself even if when it’s overwhelming, awkward or too heavy for one person? For example, if someone offers to help you carry things to your car, do you automatically say, “I’ve got it!” and brush off the help?
Or, when someone gives you a lavish gift or offers to pay for a date – do you feel an urgent impulse to refuse, reciprocate, or go 50/50?

Some artists struggle to receive within their chosen art – finding it awkward or a necessary evil to talk about money.

When someone offers to book or pay you for your services, do you leave the email unanswered, unsure of what to charge or how to negotiate? Or, do you undercharge because you “love what you do?”

How long has it been since you asked for a raise?

Whether it’s who pays for a date or compensation for your contributions to your chosen field, if you feel uncomfortable setting boundaries around your worth, it may be time to recalibrate.

I want to show you simple feminine energy techniques to get into your body. Learn how to communicate your desires and boundaries with warmth.

Healthy masculine energy naturally looks for ways to provide for and protect others.

However, when feminine energy beings also operate from our masculine energy around men, it’s like two poles of a magnet that repel each other.

It doesn’t work.

Healthy masculine energy men simply will not compete with a woman. Conflict, stalemates, and drama will chase away those same generous, giving men. Or, you could find those same men leaning back and receiving in their feminine energy…leaving you stuck “doing it all!”

And let’s be honest – as dynamic women and femmes, we can do it all – but it is a lonely, isolating, and often times a burden.

Through my Chicago burlesque classes and parties, we cultivate soft, warm feminine energy. Open to receiving and setting boundaries in an authentic way that welcomes adoration, gifts, and – yes, help!

In my burlesque practice, we tap into the power of sacred dance, as well as empowering speaking exercises that magnetize your feminine energy.

And you don’t have to do it alone – imagine sharing community with other women who are practicing these feminine energy tools with you.

Cultivate self-love, abundance, and a deepen trust in your spiritual gifts, while building relationships that support your journey.

I’ve taught for over 13 years and performed in thousands of shows across the country, as well as in London, Paris, Munich, Glasgow, Vancouver, and more.

As fairy godmother to countless illustrious local burlesque stars, I know what it takes to be seen, celebrated, and compensated for your feminine energy.

I would love to share what I’ve learned with you!

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Burlesque Chicago classes
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