Welcome to the World of Burlesque!

Real Life Burlesque

I have always loved making naughty art.

But it took me years of teasing live audiences and keeping company with rebellious, open-hearted women to uncover the real jackpot – the confidence that allowed me to reveal my body onstage was just as valuable in Real Life! 

For centuries, women have been discouraged from sharing their full selves. At work, our leadership skills are more often overlooked. At home, invisible labor can look like taking on an unequal portion of domestic duties. In relationships, unspoken no’s turn into broken boundaries and lowered standards.

When did we start concealing so many of our dreams and desires?

Burlesque has a powerful reputation for empowering all bodies. Any body can perform burlesque, including YOU.

I’ve worked with thousands of artists over 13 years and I know what it takes to become more visible at work, at home, and in relationships.

Join my Inner Sanctuary for tools to bring that burlesque feeling into your Real Life:

The Becoming Burlesque Workbook reveals the tools burlesque artists use to bare it all on stage, and how those tools can benefit relationships in the bedroom, the workplace, and anywhere else taking a bigger risk is desired.

The artist takes center stage in this 8-week journal that brings together short stories, self-love exercises, and transformative writing prompts designed to inspire and encourage artists to discover their true potential.

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Whats your burlesque archetype?

Let’s get to know each other a bit more…

I believe that every human has a goddess with them, and that when we release this potent magic, we can change the world.

And I would love to share 3 free lessons with you!

Join my Inner Sanctuary and you’ll get 3 free lessons on how to bring the audacity of your inner burlesque queen into your Real Life: