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Burlesque Chicago classes

Burlesque is revolutionary self love.

Chicago burlesque classes empower liberating, feminine energy through dance and community.

Unapologetically revel in pleasure and sensuality.

Experience the thrill of sacred exhibitionism and rebel against patriarchy through burlesque dance!

Join my Inner Sanctuary yo get access Unleashing Your Inner Goddess, my free 60-minute introduction to the art of burlesque:

Build confidence while practicing sensual feminine energy that will get them chasing you!

One of the biggest signs that you’re stuck in masculine energy is that you struggle to receive.
This might look like – someone offers to help carry things to your car and you automatically say, “I’ve got it!” Do you “do it yourself” even if it’s heavy, awkward or too much for one person?
Or, for others, it could be – when someone gives you a lavish gift do you feel a deep discomfort, like you should refuse it… It could look like an immediate impulse to reciprocate (even when it’s not necessary).
Still others might struggle to receive money – when someone offers to pay you for your services, do you push it away or leave the email unanswered?

What about undercharging because you “love what you do?” and feel guilty and uncomfortable discussing money?
As dynamic women and femmes, we can do it all – and make it look easy – even when we’re exhausted and over-stretched…!
And…let’s be honest: “doing it all yourself” is lonely and isolating – and it’s also a sign of too much masculine energy.

Through my Chicago burlesque classes and parties, I share feminine energy tools that focus on softening, receiving, and setting boundaries in an authentic way that welcomes adoration, gifts, and – yes, help!

Through my burlesque practice, I share what I’ve learned about the power and art of sacred sensual dance, so that you can magnetize your feminine energy and create authentically.

And the best part is – it feels really, really good!

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I’ve taught for over 13 years and performed burlesque in 7 countries, and have served as fairy godmother to countless illustrious local burlesque stars.

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I’m available for burlesque shows, festivals, private parties, interviews and TV appearances that would like to feature burlesque.



Burlesque Chicago classes
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Self Love for Rebels & Teasers

Through exercises, writing prompts, and short stories, explore your unique path to creative bliss in The Becoming Burlesque Workbook.

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