Burlesque Parties – Celebrate Your Girls Night Out Bachelorettes in Chicago

Gathering with your favorite friends? Here is my most popular option for bachelorettes & girls weekends in Chicago: 

Learn the flirty art of burlesque with your guests!

My name’s Red Hot Annie, and with over 13 years teaching the art of tease, I know what makes an experience uplifting and memorable!

Bachelorettes in Chicago

Burlesque is playful yet provocative – a sure way to break the ice!

Tell your guests in advance – or “throw a surprise!” and I’ll join your party at a time predetermined in advance. In 45-60 memorable minutes, you’ll join with those you love for a naughty rite-of-passage filled with bumps, grinds, shimmies, and shakes! 

Chicago Burlesque Parties are the best “honeymoon gift” a friend could give!! 

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