About Red Hot Annie

Drawing on over 25 years of performance experience on stage, Red Hot Annie is an award-winning burlesque headliner who has performed in thousands of shows all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Annie (they/them) is best known as the C.E.Oh! of of Vaudezilla (weekly theatre show + dance studio 2008-2020 in Chicago). Annie loves sharing the power of naughty art to transform and uplift humanity with students and fans.

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They have appeared on Check Please (WTTW), as well as at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, World Burlesque Games, London Burlesque Fest, New York Burlesque Fest, Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, Strasbourg Burlesque Fest, Montreal Burlesque Fest, Vancouver Burlesque Fest, among other shows and festivals worldwide

Annie’s current focus is on healing the Body through breath and movement and cultivating Self Love through performance techniques they cultivated to serve thousands of artists in their journey toward more presence and connection, onstage and off.

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My mission is to feed and cultivate the creativity and courage that lies in the heart of every human being. Through provocative and playful art, including burlesque, I aim to fortify each individual’s sense of self-ownership and self-love while empowering each artist’s meaningful contributions (mind, body, and spirit) to the evolution of the collective – and to do so with joy, freedom, and unshakeable humanity. 

As an artist in a white body, I continue to practice awareness and acknowledgement of my privilege. I choose to disrupt all forms of White Supremacy and share my anti-racism journey online and in person.  As a Survivor of sexual assault, my work exists to challenge the influence of women’s socialization and uplift all people.  I aim to use my curiosity and imagination to (co)-create a more equitable and humane culture.

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