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Sacred Tassels Burlesque Storytime - Chicago Burlesque Show


  • Red Hot Annie
  • Egypt Bfree
  • Lady Meowmalade
  • Broker Becky Bush
  • Valencia Vexx
  • Ronnie Rouge
  • Miss LouVella D’Lish
  • Hereaclitus
  • Gemini Blackheart
  • Jennifer Agather

Sacred Tassels: Burlesque Storytime

Sat, Jan 6 2024 @ 7:30pm

Greenhouse, 2257 N Lincoln Av, Chicago

Sacred Tassels is a celebration of burlesque and feminine energy, featuring original stories and strip tease by local artists.

After 8 weeks of studying the glamorous art of seduction, courageous new artists take the stage to share their first (public) bump & grind.

Performers celebrate their bodies as they revel onstage to classic and neo-burlesque tunes.

In between burlesque acts, artists share personal stories of heartbreak, hope, and hilarity!

Hosted by Red Hot Annie

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We love hosting groups at our show, including birthdays and bachelorette parties!  Let us know about your party in advance and we’ll be sure to give your group a shout-out from the stage and a naughty goodie bag for your guest of honor!

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Have you ever been to a burlesque show?

Corsets, fishnets, and tassels, oh my! My burlesque style is cheeky, playful, and feminine – and I love shows that uplift the spirit of sexy, liberated, and fun!

Burlesque combines the unique art of strip tease with wild-hearted women who boast an eclectic and ever-growing array of creative skills. This unique art form elevates performers and civilians alike. Try it today.

Learn Burlesque! Chicago Burlesque Classes with Red Hot Annie, founder of Vaudezilla

Red Hot Annie (founder of VAUDEZILLA and The Windy City Burlesque Fest) has performed in 6 countries and nearly every US state – and has worked with -literally – thousands of artists and students over 13 years to cultivate confidence and self-love through burlesque.

From nurturing confidence and talent within blossoming stars (many named the top performers in the world) to introducing popular show production solutions to envisioning unique parody theme shows, Red Hot Annie’s influence on the Chicago burlesque scene is undeniable!

burlesque Chicago classes costumes
burlesque Chicago classes costumes