Becoming Burlesque Masterclass: 8-Week Artist Development with Red Hot Annie

Join Red Hot Annie’s exclusive 8-week masterclass and discover the magic of burlesque!

Friday, Aug 2 – Sep 20
3 – 4:30 pm CST
Virtual via ZOOM

Becoming Burlesque Masterclass August September 2024 Chicago Burlesque Classes Virtual

Boost confidence and embrace self-expression with essential dance moves like the shimmy, bump and grind, tassel twirling, and more. Let loose and explore your creativity through a unique performance art form that celebrates personal liberation and storytelling.

Connect with a supportive community, build your network, and receive mentorship from Red Hot Annie and other experienced performers. Learn to market yourself, book gigs, and unlock professional opportunities. 

Whether you’re seeking fun, celebration, networking, or a new career, this course offers everything you need to shine on stage. 

This workshop series culminates with the opportunity to showcase your talent and celebrate your journey and growth in the burlesque world by sharing your finished act video, photo, and bio with the burlesque world via my website and socials. 

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Discover the art of burlesque with Red Hot Annie in our comprehensive program designed for all levels of experience:

Week 1: Unleashing Creativity

Meet fellow students and network. Learn foundational burlesque techniques like shimmy, bump, and grind. Learn the basics of costuming, including sourcing and creating your garments.

Week 2: Making a Memorable Burlesque Persona

Immerse yourself in crafting your burlesque persona with peers. Discover storytelling’s power to enhance your artistry. Foster collaboration and creativity as you develop your unique stage presence in a supportive environment.

Week 3: The Art of Selfies and Visuals

Become skilled at capturing captivating selfies. Develop cohesive visual branding techniques. Gain insights into lighting, angles, and editing for a polished, professional appearance.

Available a la carte at $66

Week 4: Self-Promotion and Advertising

Learn to craft compelling bios and promotional content. Develop effective strategies for advertising yourself on social media platforms. Build a robust online presence to enhance visibility and engagement with your audience.

Available a la carte at $66

Week 5: Networking 101: Connecting with Producers

Gain networking skills to connect with producers. Receive tips on booking your act and forging industry relationships. Learn best practices for approaching venues and producers professionally to advance your career in performance art.

Available a la carte at $66

Week 6: Preparing for Performance

Refine choreography and performance style with expert feedback: practice stage presence and audience interaction. Receive guidance on managing stage nerves and maintaining performance energy. Prepare for upcoming showcases, applying skills learned. This week consolidates learning, polishes routines, and prepares students to showcase their talents onstage effectively.

Week 7: Networking II / Special Guest Teachers

Network with industry professionals and special guest teachers in Week 7. Perfect your act with final touches and polish, receive a full run-through of your performance with valuable feedback, and gain tips for managing stage fright and performance nerves to enhance your onstage presence and confidence.

Week 8: Virtual Showcase and Beyond

Present your finalized act in our virtual showcase. Celebrate your journey by sharing your video on social media and our website. Receive a certificate of completion and personalized recommendation from Red Hot Annie to commemorate your achievement and growth in a burlesque performance.

Discover Package that Aligns with Your Artistic Goals

Embark on a transformative burlesque experience with options tailored to meet your needs and goals. Each tier offers a unique blend of benefits to help you shine and thrive in the burlesque world:

Basic: $444
Includes weekly virtual group classes and access to the Becoming Burlesque Library.
Industry Professional: $666
Includes weekly virtual group classes and access to the Becoming Burlesque Library. You’ll also get (2) 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with Red Hot Annie (for personalized feedback).
VIP Industry Professional: $1111
Includes Includes weekly virtual group classes and access to the Becoming Burlesque Library. You’ll also get (7) 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with Red Hot Annie (for personalized feedback) as well as exclusive networking opportunities with industry professionals.

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