Becoming Burlesque Masterclass: Feminine Energy Coaching with Red Hot Annie

Burlesque is about the courage to BE SEEN.

In American culture, a lot of emphasis is put on what’s sexy. Through TV, media, and our social circles, we are inundated with advice about what’s “sexy.”

So much of what we’ve learned about our sexuality centers on: “If I wear/say/do ____, they will find it sexy.”

So, how do we discover what feels sexy for ourselves?

Since my first introduction to the world of burlesque in 2007, I’ve met thousands of women who experience hesitation when it’s their turn to take centerstage – in the bedroom, boardroom, or onstage.

They struggle with thoughts like “I’m not a dancer,” or “My act isn’t good enough” or “my body is too ____.”

These beliefs make it hard to fully savor the pleasure of being seen.

Yet, it is when we’re full of desire – full of pleasure! – that we are the most watchable.

Through intimate coaching with me, you will discover what moves you. Together, we will coax out the fullest expression of your sensuality. Liberated women are unafraid to experience every feeling to its fullest – without shame and without expectation.

Burlesque asks you to embrace the ease of receiving by generating pure, warm, loving feminine energy. Peel off the layers to reveal your true creative power.

The natural byproduct is that you stop playing small. You know what you want, and you start effortlessly magnetizing it to you.

What you learn about yourself in the process is priceless.

Center your feminine energy with me. Devote yourself to a self-love practice that’s fun, easy, and liberates every aspect of your life.

Becoming Burlesque Masterclass is for you, if:

  • You want to feel yourself
  • You’re ready to move outside of your comfort zone
  • You know that self-love starts with investing in yourself

I’ll be right there beside you as you uncover the next steps in your journey. Sign up below and I’ll send you an invitation to apply for the Becoming Burlesque Masterclass.

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