Becoming Burlesque Masterclass : Private Coaching Red Hot Annie


I’m Red Hot Annie – you may know me as the C.E.Oh! Of Vaudezilla, where for over 13 years, we’ve WOW’ed Chicago through myriad provocative theatre events and classes, most notably, burlesque!

Red Hot Annie / Hire a Chicago Burlesque Performer

It is with deepest gratitude and humility that I offer you the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired while creating burlesque for hundreds of artists in thousands of shows all over the world.

I have been honored to share my movement, writing, and meditation techniques with thousands of women who want to explore and express the many facets of their sexuality with total freedom.

As a Survivor, Mom, and full-time artist for 20 years, I’ve witnessed the power of burlesque to heal creative wounds, encourage courageous living, and transform relationships.

It is my deepest intention that you know the power of your feminine energy and fall in love with yourself – and your body, as-is!

I would love to help you craft a burlesque performance that honors this moment in your journey.

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