1:1 Coaching: Feminine Energy Burlesque with Red Hot Annie

Burlesque is about the courage to BE SEEN.

In American culture, a lot of emphasis is put on what’s sexy. Through TV, media, and our social circles, we are inundated with advice about what’s “sexy.”

This is so deeply instilled, that most of us carry a default list of what is sexy based on what you wear, say, or do. My feminine energy burlesque practice invites you to dive deeper and discover what feels sexy.

When you connect to to the senses within the body and you learn to trust what your heart wants to express, you can build incredible art, deepen your connections within relationships, and feel incredibly sexy and desirable in the process.

Get them chasing you!

Since my first introduction to the world of burlesque in 2007, I’ve met thousands of women who experience hesitation when it’s their turn to take centerstage – whether it’s onstage, in the board room, or in the bedroom.

Sometimes we struggle with thoughts like “I’m not a dancer,” or “I’m too old” or “my body is too ____” instead of letting go into the spontaneity of a moment or a chance to connect. So often these same thoughts keep us from asking for – and getting what we want. We settle.

Subtle limiting beliefs make it hard savor the pleasure of being seen.

Yet, it is when we’re full of desire and pleasure that we become the most magnetic, the most watchable.

Through intimate 1:1 coaching with me, we will coax out the fullest expression of your sensuality and confidence onstage.

I believe that liberated women who are unafraid to experience every feeling to its fullest, without shame and without expectation, are changing this world.

And they’re also burning themselves out.

Burlesque asks you to embrace the ease of receiving by generating pure, warm, loving feminine energy.

Learn how to peel off the layers to reveal your true self through brave reclamation of your own unique power.

The natural byproduct of this investment is that you stop playing small.

You know what you want, and you start magnetizing it to you.

1:1 Burlesque Coaching is for you, if:

  • You want gain self love & trust so you can feel your way through what’s next
  • You’re ready to move outside of your comfort zone with movement, speaking, and breathing techniques
  • Your self love journey has led you here and you want to share your story through this unique art.

Devote yourself to a self-love practice that’s fun, easy, and liberating in every aspect of your life.

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