Become a virtual goddess by learning to unleash your courage and creativity – even if you are not a performer.

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Hello beautiful being, 

Did you know that you don’t even need to be an professional artist to take advantage of the power of Burlesque to awaken your inner goddess?

Burlesque is an art where you can be anyone or anything onstage, a brave space where you embody a living fantasy. It’s powerful for any audience, whether that’s onstage or in your bedroom.

But it’s all so much more than that. 

Hi I’m Annie.  

As the C.E.Oh! of Vaudezilla, I produced a weekly late night cabaret show and a flourishing dance studio from 2008-2020 in Chicago. For over 25 years, I performed in thousands of theatre and burlesque shows all over the United States, Canada, and Europe.

As an award-winning burlesque headliner, I’ve been fortunate to appear on TV, film, and onstage at places like The Burlesque Hall of Fame, World Burlesque Games…among so many others!

All of this happened because my mentors taught me something very important.

In 2016, at the end of an 11-year marriage and frustrated from endlessly chasing a crown in burlesque festivals all over the world, I realized that I had started hating myself and my body. Nothing I did made me feel better and honestly, I really just wanted to throw in the towel for good. 

I was sick and tired of who I was. And I almost gave up Burlesque.

This turmoil reminded me that, at the times of biggest growth in my life, I had powerful mentors and teachers who opened up the possibilities in my journey.

I remembered that I’m a creator. I’m a creator of my career, and my life, too. If I want to embody my divinity onstage then I must be able to access my inner goddess in my day-to-day life as well. 

The most important lesson my mentors ever taught me is:

You become what you practice.

Here’s what I mean:

When I practice doubt, I’m actually inviting more doubt into my life – which shows up when I hesitate or lose my place onstage – even if that’s a virtual or real life stage, like a boardroom. 

If I’m “absent” in the moment then I’ll forget to cherish the present moment when I’m onstage, making it harder to improvise, hurrying my movements, and diminishing the energy and full potential of my work. 

If I don’t go out of my comfort zone, my performance will be just like everyone else’s. I’ll lack creativity.  I’ll be booked less often. I may not even be the only one who notices how uninspired I feel.

So I started to ask myself: how I can bring the tools and techniques that I have learned through Burlesque to every woman so they can grow and thrive in their lives? So they can stand up for themselves and their kids with confidence…so they can receive more in romantic relationships and get the credit and attention they deserve in the workplace?

Maybe, for example, you’re so busy in taking care of urgent things and other people in your life that you forget basic self care.  

Would you like to bring more presence, sensuality, confidence, and power onstage – and in your day-to-day life?

During the past 25 years, I’ve had the chance to work with thousands of artists – not just burlesque performers, actors and dance teachers, but grade school teachers, lawyers, office managers, preachers, and stay-at-home moms. 

Every artist has a goddess dwelling in her. 

Whether you bring them out in the boardroom, at your home, in relationships, or onstage – or just when you’re by yourself in front of the mirror – no matter where you bring this goddess out, you know that they are a part of you.

But most artists express their Goddess self in short bursts. 

They might be playful and spontaneous with the kids, but not at work. Or they might be mesmerizing onstage but feel lackluster in romantic relationships.  They might be confident finishing a project alone, but unsure how to contribute to a team. 

They shine from one angle, but are unpolished from another.

And that’s because no one showed them how to connect the dots.  

Here is the simple process to unleashing your goddess: 

It involves you unlearning, unpacking, unburdening what you’ve picked up all these years.

Dance. First discover the gift of your own natural movement – then use the burlesque movements I’ll show you to move with grace, take up more space, and engage your feminine energy. 

Create. You’re a natural creator – using simple supplies to make things like pasties and headdresses, you’ll watch your creativity blossom. I’ll show you endless ways to engage your imagination and take your creativity to the next level.

Meditate. When you awaken your own natural sense of well-being, everything gets easier.  We’ll practice a variety of visualizations and meditations so you can find a style that suits you.

Write. My program encourages you to engage in daily writing so that you can tune into your own vision and manifest it effortlessly.

Mentorship. Learn quickly and grow your practice.  I’m available for the duration of the program, as well as afterward. Our relationship is a sacred space where we explore questions, encourage new perspectives, and practice consistent, honest feedback.  

Community. It all comes to life when you’ve got a sisterhood who wants you to succeed.  Practice what you’re learning in a supportive environment so you shine fearlessly out in the world. 

And instead of doing it haphazardly, we’ll make incremental upgrades that are easy to understand and implement.

If you’re in the cheering section for people when they go for their dreams, when they have success in their life, in their relationships, or onstage – if you love to watch a performer cast a spell on their audience and make an impact on their environment – and if you want to do the same, then this is your chance to unleash your inner goddess, to uncensor yourself for good and get the results you want.

For the next eight weeks you’ll be diving inside a safe cocoon where, on the other end, you’ll emerge as a new you – a more empowered person – with a truly unshakable confidence.

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

  • Learn to ooze confidence onstage by finding easy ways to celebrate your natural performance skills while practicing radical acceptance. The reason most people who try personal development are back to square one is they learn to “think positive” and end up censoring themselves. I’m going to teach how to speak your truth unapologetically and without expecting validation.
  • Surprise everyone by choreographing your own burlesque act using sexy, graceful moves which are broken down inside into easy steps that any beginner or advanced performer will appreciate. Take those smooth moves in bedroom or boardroom and hook your audience.
  • Carry yourself like the piece of art you truly are – feel more comfortable in photos and videos, even when someone takes a casual photograph of you. I’ll show you subtle but simple poses that highlight your beauty, so you look like a Goddess – whether you are onstage or on Instagram.
  • Realize your calling and gain clarity about your career path if it nosedived during the pandemic. Even if your work did fine or thrived during the pandemic, you’ll learn how to add more value to the world by appreciating your unique contributions.
  • Strategies to liberate your creative energies – whether it’s an act idea you have been hiding for a long time, a show you want to produce, a dance studio you want to open – or any other artistic pursuit – gain the tools to express yourself with influence.  Stand up in a way that makes people sit down and take notice.
  • Learn to dance freely – even if you’re dancing for yourself – and rehearse taking something you’ve created in private and expressing it freely in public. People around you will feel grateful that you show up authentically.
  • Book 1-on-1 weekly coaching calls with me, where we’ll engage in empowering conversations and discuss anything from your upcoming burlesque show to self-love rituals to your wealthy artist mindset, so you gain quick wins onstage and off.
  • Gain access to a private community of like-minded women who have got your back every step of your journey. 
  • Discover specific ways to change the world around you through the power of art, including burlesque, writing, and speaking.

And we are going to cover so much more in the next eight weeks together. I invite you to join the Becoming Burlesque Masterclass + Community by clicking the button below and choosing your payment details.

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The next coaching calls start in

When you join this immersive program, you are renewing your commitment to show up completely in life and relationships.  You don’t have to go it alone.  You don’t have to watch from the sidelines.  You just have to say “Yes!” to yourself and your dreams today.

Take the next step and join us today.

And if you start your journey today, I have a couple bonuses for you…

Bonus Class #1:

The Big Reveal: Getting Started in Burlesque – I’ll share the secrets I learned to creating memorable burlesque acts from over 13 years of performing and teaching internationally.  Learn how to make a memorable entrance and sweep the audience off of their feet. If you’ve never been to a burlesque show you’ll love the music, the dance, the transformation burlesque can bring to your life, and the courage it can provide to face your greatest fears with ease.

Bonus Class #2:  

Naked on the Internet for 20 Years: What I’ve Learned – You’ll get an inside scoop about what I wish I knew about burlesque, art, modeling, and business when I first started.  Learn from my hard-fought experiences how to use your body, ideas, and art in a way that makes you money while avoiding scammers and creeps online.  I’ll also share what I’ve learned about being an effective storyteller, and how to tell your family and your partner that you’re creating provocative art.

Bonus Class #3:

Creative Curriculum: An Artist’s Guide to Creating an Online Course – Awaken and empower your inner entrepreneur as you take what you’ve learned and turn it into an online course.  Move towards financial freedom using the strategies, scripts, and tools I provide to sell your first course quickly, even if you haven’t found the exact right idea yet.  Learn from my mistakes. Overcome imposter syndrome and reach your ideal audience with more authority, credibility, and trust – even if you’re still figuring things out.  

And so much more… 

And that’s why I invite you to act now and start your eight week ‘Becoming Burlesque’ journey. Get ready for a life-long journey of showing up for yourself in life with your actions, not just your words. 

After eight weeks, you’ll feel more awake and alive!

  • You’ll be able to tap into your hidden creative powers for dance, art, writing, meditation, and building your own business. 
  • You’ll be more relaxed and feel more authentic onstage. 
  • People will observe positive and marvelous changes within you – coworkers, partners, friends will want to know your secret – your energy will be contagious. 
  • You’ll enjoy closer intimacy and emotional connection in your relationships with your loved ones. 
  • You’ll have more clarity about what’s really important to you.  
  • Best of all, you’ll be able to create and respect boundaries where you put yourself first  
  • You’ll be able to tap into your hidden creative powers for dance, art, writing, meditation, and building your own business. 
  • You’ll be more relaxed and feel more authentic onstage. 
  • People will observe positive and marvelous changes within you – coworkers, partners, friends will want to know your secret – your energy will be contagious. 
  • You’ll enjoy closer intimacy and emotional connection in your relationships with your loved ones. 
  • You’ll have more clarity about what’s really important to you.  
  • Best of all you’ll be able to create and respect boundaries where you put yourself first  

Click the button below if you’re ready to become a virtual goddess – and meet with me personally inside.

What’s the cost of continuing just as things are?

If you keep hiding, do you think that one day you’ll suddenly be discovered by the world?  That suddenly, your brilliance, your ideas, your art will be respected? 

The universe respects those who stand for themselves and those who can decide what they want and then go for it. Ultimately, people around you are going to benefit from your wisdom, knowledge, and gifts. 

But there’s a step-by-step process to it and it’s going to uncover your path to becoming a virtual goddess. I invite you to join me on the journey of a lifetime and ignite a true lasting change from within. 

Imagine yourself a year from now – how will you have grown?  Will you have more faith, trust, love, self-confidence?  Imagine speaking up during meetings and gatherings and being respected for it.  Imagine dancing onstage in a way that feels authentic, empowered, and effortless, and being loved and celebrated for how beautiful you are.

What is your goal for the next eight weeks?

Let’s face it  – for most people the next eight weeks are going to be about doing the same old thing and hoping for different results.  Many people will never achieve what their hearts desire because most people don’t know why it eludes them.  But if you want to achieve greatness for your family, for your children, or for yourself, then you can’t let this opportunity get away. 

You’ve got to change paths.

I know I owe it to my daughter, Calliope, to follow my mission and to create a community that loves and supports each other, personally and professionally. 

Consider this an investment in yourself this year. 

A little “me” time can make a world of difference.  And if you don’t like it, you can have your money back. But that’s not going to happen because you’ll love every second of the next eight weeks.  

Imagine everything that can happen in the next eight weeks that will make Becoming Burlesque an investment worth making. 

This is the best time in the world to start your journey to becoming a virtual goddess.  

When you’re done reading this, you’ll return to your life, including whatever habits you currently have.  Maybe you’ll save this link for later, and before you know it, six months or a year has passed and things stay pretty much the same.  Don’t ignore yourself – again.

You take care of so many people, so many things in your day.  If you saw someone else in need, you’d come to their rescue in a heartbeat.  But do you do this for yourself?  

Imagine what else and who else you’ll be able to protect and strengthen when you reclaim yourself?

Click the button and join – whether it’s the middle of the night or first thing in the morning, your journey starts immediately.  You’ll be taken instantly to your first course and receive a special welcome video only for members.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to book a call with me and remove creative blockages from your life or work – on anything that you’d want to work on.  

Witness the power of sisterhood, a space where you can truly share anything about yourself. Open up, build new relationships, connect with like-minded artists, and have fun.

The community is the best part of the program and as of now when you invest in Becoming Burlesque, you get lifetime access to the community. It’s free. And I can’t wait to introduce you to our community.

Remember, the new renaissance needs leadership.

The women around you – and the men, too – are ready for you to lead.

I acknowledge and appreciate the strength it takes simply to show up for yourself. I honor the opportunity to connect with you, and I celebrate the time we’ve spent together.

I hope what I’ve shared here has brought more value to your life, and I want to thank my mentors and teachers again for helping me become who I am today. My goal is to inspire you – like countless others – to become aware of and show gratitude for your divine gifts. 


You become what you practice.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side. 

Yours truly,

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Week by Week Preview

Week One:
In Week One, you start telling your story. You also learn some adorable burlesque choreography, explore your artistic persona through writing, make pasties (really fun pasty templates included), and set intentions for what’s to come.

Week Two:
In Week Two, you establish your presence – onstage and off. You learn more cheeky burlesque choreography, explore ambience through writing, make a headdress, and cherish the art of adorning.

Week Three:
In Week Three, you begin connecting to your audience. You use movement to visualize and embody your greatness, explore creating culture through writing, and take Self Love Selfies.

Week Four:
In Week Four, you explore Art as Play. You begin incorporating strip tease into your burlesque dance, engage the imagination through writing, and learn basic hair and makeup for the stage.

Week Five:
In Week Five, you step outside of your comfort zone. You learn movement that’s more sensual and challenging, explore refined writing techniques, learn useful basic sewing skills, and discover what Courage looks like for you!

Week Six:
In Week Six, you explore influence. You also learn more advanced burlesque choreography, and visualize yourself as the star of the show.

Week Seven:
In Week Seven, you prepare to launch. You give your permission to take centerstage, you take a look into Annie’s Costume Closet, and strengthen connection to your tribe.

Week Eight:
In Week Eight, you make the finishing touches. You learn tassel twirling, explore your evolution through writing, and tune into your body. Plus, prepare for the Becoming Burlesque Salon (held every 8 weeks to celebrate your art!)

In addition to life-time access to all of the above self-study courses, you’ll have access to a collection of special content and videos!

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