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“I wanted to move but I didn’t know how. After taking an Intro class, I knew I had to sign up for 7 Days to Burlesque. Once I did, the magic began. I learned movement. Movements I had no idea I could do. Movements which felt natural for my body. I was now aware of what my body could do for me and how to treat it. I was experiencing body ownership. Red Hot Annie’s program allows you to embrace your mind, body, and soul, all while exploring and finding your voice. Treat your body well and it will treat you well. Feelings of pride and self-acceptance stemmed from taking 7 Days to Burlesque. I feel the urge to dance now, something I never experienced before. I can express myself in ways I never imagined, and this is thanks to Annie. Her support and belief in the whole self puts you at ease. I’m so thankful for finding this program and for the support and coaching from Annie. Her kindness is a blessing and her expertise is remarkable. For anyone looking to claim (or reclaim) themselves, 7 Days to Burlesque is the program for you!”
– Ré ka

“Red Hot Annie led the class, she was full of energy, positive, kept a great pace, and did an excellent job explaining the various dance moves.”
– Bailey M

“I just completed…burlesque class with Red Hot Annie. I had read the…reviews and heard from friends how great this experience would be – but to have those expectations exceeded during my time in the class was more than I could have asked for. Red Hot Annie was unbelievably supportive and kind to everyone in the class, and made everyone feel uniquely recognized and more confident. Everyone else in my class was supportive and friendly as well. To see where the students were at the beginning of the session vs. the end was amazing!”
– Devin B

“I’m not sure what exactly I was expecting but the class was incredibly body positive and taught you that it’s not only ok to take up space but that you can “own” that space. I had so much fun, met amazing people, and rediscovered my love of performing! This was the most comfortable dance class I’ve ever taken!” – Sylvia M

“This has truly been a life changing experience and the friends made and fun had are priceless! Do yourself a favor and take some burlesque lessons! Red Hot Annie and her team are truly amazing!”
– Derry Eire, Burlesque Performer

“Red Hot Annie and her team are phenomenal!!”
– Ruby Spencer, Burlesque Performer

“Annie is super encouraging and makes you feel confident no matter your skill level. We had a few tom boys in the group who were a little hesitant but everyone left feeling energized and damn hot!”
– Jamie D

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