2022 Astrology: Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Fri Sep 9      9:38pm CST           8 deg 55 min

Mercury retrograde begins Friday, Sep 9. Mercury will review the area of your chart where Libra is located, so take a look at what falls between 8 degrees Libra and 24 degrees of Virgo, because that’s where this retrograde will take place.

Mercury in Libra is about being a social butterfly, but this retrograde period can also mark an awareness of how you’re holding yourself back in social situations – sometimes we’re too kind, too polite, and instead of building intimacy with those we love, we bide our time avoiding conflict.

They say that during Mercury retrograde, it’s best to avoid signing any big contracts, and that’s because during Mercury retrograde, we can experience mixups pertaining to whatever area of the chart it traverses.

In Libra, this can look like things having to do with diplomacy. You may have to circle back and clarify yourself when it comes to your family, home, or partnerships – since these are places where that Libra energy will be seeking symmetry and balance.

On September 23rd, Mercury continues to traces it steps back to Virgo, where it has rulership. Mercury will continue to travel backwards to 24 degrees of Virgo before going direct on October 2, so be prepared to spend that leg of the retrograde sorting out things having to do with Virgo’s interests: routines, organization, scheduling as it pertains to where Virgo falls in your chart.

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