Astrology 2022: Full Moon in Pisces

Sat Sep 10    3:59am CST           17 deg 41 min

Pisces is the most profound water sign, one of depth and emotions, creativity and artistry. The Full Moon is a time of revelations, where things are brought out into the light, so to speak.

With the full moon in Pisces on Sep 10, expect an eye-opening moment of truth, especially as it pertains to where your boundaries can be blurred. Pisces is known for its compassion, its willingness to forgive. This superpower can also mean that Pisces energy has to work through a daydreamy quality – since there can be a very real desire escape not to be attached to the 4D world.

The shadow aspects of Pisces has a lot to do with addiction, losing track of time, and being oblivious about consequences for actions. So this is an excellent time to connect to those you love, share your truth, and hold space for theirs.

The Full Harvest Moon is an excellent time to practice a releasing ritual, such as writing the things you’re most afraid of on a piece of paper and burning it, while consciously opening yourself to the grace of The Divine.