Feminine Energy: Heal hearts and receive more freelyFeminine Energy:

Embodying Goddess energy and open to RECEIVING can feel deeply unsettling to the child within who wonders if they are worth anything if they “do nothing.”

Yet, when we learn how to sit back and receive with warmth and love, we can actually heal others through ourpresence.

I remember a show night, not too long ago… 

It was early in my pregnancy, and I was exhausted. The host had called in sick that night, and I knew I was going to have to fill their spot. I didn’t have anything prepared – yet as I stood backstage, I felt calm.

A prior version of me would have been sick with anxiety…

We’ve all seen someone with onstage jitters – but have you ever noticed how one person’s anxiety can make you feel uncomfortable, while another’s awkwardness brings forth an elixir of healing laughter?

What I’ve learned through burlesque is that one’s presence isn’t the DOING (peeling of costume layers, for example), but the BEING.

Some people can do very little onstage and evoke a greater response than another’s glittery high-kicks, splits, and perfect lipstick application.

That night, as I stood backstage and I gave the world permission to watch me BE. 

I rolled my shoulders back, took a deep breath, and felt my feet on the floor. Then I walked on stage with *zero* expectations – and I let the muses carry me. At one point, as I described how I had ended up hosting that night, I found myself sprawled out on the floor, pretending to sleep as I spoke into the microphone.

I let them into my world and I let them into my body.

But I didn’t plan it. I had built enough trust in myself and my body to allow it to take me where I needed to go that night.

Resmaa Menekem’s book, “My Grandmother’s Hands” has helped me to articulate what I experienced that night. In it, Resmaa talks about “clean pain” – when we don’t know what to say or do, but step into the unknown with vulnerability and honesty.

Simply put, there is nothing like a performer who knows how to settle into their body before walking on stage – and there’s nothing more valuable to a community or relationship healing than knowing you don’t have to DO, just BE.

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We don’t need to rescue or help. 

We can ask poignant questions without causing “drama.” 

We can even be triggered and show up anyway. 

When your body is settled, you realize it’s much more important to be present than perfect.

That is what heals a persons heart.​
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