Feminine Energy in Relationships & Dating

Hello, Goddess!

When you’re in your head, you can’t be in your body.

If you’re thinking about what to say next, you are in your head. If you’re thinking about how to make “it” happen in your relationship, at work, or onstage, you’re in your head. 

A sure sign that your feminine energy is paused is that you’re “in your head” – ALL THE TIME!​

Try this exercise:

Take 30 seconds to describe how you’re feeling in your body. Use words like ‘I feel, I’m feeling, I felt…” Be creative, and let your words flow like poetry. Sure, it might feel awkward at first – but don’t judge! Judging, explaining, or “figuring out” why you’re feeling what you feel is a sure sign you’ve switched into masculine energy.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with using your masculine energy – I’m using my masculine energy to compose this email to you right now 😉 …but if you want to be able to sit back and receive in your relationship, you want to be fluent in switching out of “doing” and into “being” – and the best way I know is to start noticing what’s going on in your body.

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Feminine energy is about being sensual – as in using your 5 senses – to connect to what you feel. It’s about letting the little girl inside you run free – to play and express what they feel – without analyzing it. A feminine energy being is always building a relationship with their body – they dance, they craft. they nourish themselves with good food. And they listen to what their body is saying. 

They cultivate a warm, playful relationship with their body where they trust sentences that start with “I feel…”

Men want to be in your body – they want to know what’s happening inside your body. So your ability to know and express what’s in there is INCREDIBLY attractive to men.

Get out of analysis paralysis – and into your body – with feminine energy tools that will attune you to spontaneous, creative messages you can share with your lover, your mom, and the world. Become irresistible in an authentic way that will get them chasing you! 

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Remember, many women use upwards of 20,000 words per day, while men use just 7,000. So, next time you find yourself thinking about what to say next – STOP! You’ll be surprised where a quiet masculine energy person can lead the conversation – if you let them!