Goddess on a Pedestal: Falling in Love with Yourself

Whether you want to deepen the attraction in your long-term relationship – or you’re starting all over again – do less and get better results!

Create long-lasting love and commitment in your relationships by unlocking the keys to being effortlessly magnetic. 

This message is especially for the vibrant, dynamic, highly capable women and feminine energy persons out there. Today, I want to talk about one of the biggest signs that you’re stuck in your masculine energy:

You struggle to receive.

If someone offers to help carry things to your car, do you automatically say, “I’ve got it.”

When someone gives you a lavish gift do you feel totally uncomfortable?

When someone offers to pay you for your services, do you habitually push it away?

As dynamic women and femmes, we know how to get things done. 

Yes, we can do it all – and still look fabulous!!!

(even if we’re exhausted underneath…)

If you struggle to gracefully receive compliments and attention, you are not alone. It’s easy to shift out of your masculine energy and into your feminine energy bywelcoming gifts, help, and compliments with warmth.

Your ability to receive expands every time you use it – so use it daily!

There are opportunities to receive at the supermarket, at work – or even the next time a stranger catcalls you! No matter the age or status, men love to know that they make you feel good – and receiving their words doesn’t mean you owe them anything!

I want to invite you to a free Masterclass where I’ll share easy tools to help you get back into your feminine energy. Become irresistable in the most authentic way and get them chasing you! 

Goddess on a Pedestal: Falling in Love with Yourself


Don’t let your feathers get ruffled by an unexpected kind gesture – instead use that moment to get into your feminine energy and practice receiving with warmth and a smile – and keep right on going! 😉