Attract Masculine Energy with Irresistible Feminine Energy

Men LOVE to be around women who are in their feminine energy. 

Picture a day in the life of a masculine energy person you love – notice how much analyzing, competing, and hierarchy they experience at work and in the sports they watch and play. 

In our culture, even women get stuck in their masculine energy! As capable, beautiful Goddesses, we know we can do it all – we pride ourselves in our ability to juggle a thousand things and sometimes we’re perfectly happy doing, doing, doing.

Yet sometimes it’s just exhausting!

If you are feminine energy who desires a relationship with a masculine energy person, consider this: when you’re doing, doing, doing, you are in your masculine energy. 

And when you’re in your masculine energy, your partner (pretty much regardless of gender) will be inclined to sit back in their feminine energy – which means you get stuck doing, doing, doing.  

Today I want to talk about how to use feeling statements to get into your Feminine Energy.

Feminine Energy is about being in your body and feeling.

Pause for a moment and notice how your body feels – is it expansive or contracted? Do you feel high or low, or somewhere in the middle? Men want to be in your body. Don’t analyze (that’s masc energy!) – just describe what it feels like…to be in your body!

Being able to describe what you feel in your body is incredibly attractive to men (and women, and everyone, really). 

Today, try using your feeling statements to describe what you’re feeling.  Watch how people will perk up when you start to talk about what’s happening IN your body – try it at work, in your relationship, and even on dating apps.

High quality partners will HEAR you.

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However, when you can lean back in your feminine energy, the masculine energy people in your life will naturally begin to do things for you.

Why? Because being with a healthy, warm, feminine energy person FEELS GOOD to men! When they can provide for a feminine energy being, it makes them feel…like a man!

Sounds easy, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to with receiving. 

Goddess on a Pedestal: Falling in Love with Yourself

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Don’t get your tassels twisted trapped in a to do list – practice getting into your body and using your feminine energy to express your feelings with warmth – and welcome masculine energy people who want to provide.