October 2022 Astrology: Momentum, Continued…

Sun (Libra) conjunct Venus (Libra)

Oct 22             29 deg

Venus Cazimi, the most beautiful astrology of the year.

When the Sun conjuncts Venus in Libra, we are given an extra boost of energy towards really bountiful relationship and connections. This aspect is all about beauty and harmony that’s visible to everyone, and visible through our relationships.

It’s like the crown jewel on this month’s head –a Fountain of Youth type moment – where a cooling, soothing, healing elixir is poured over our wounds and we’re able to come out of this energy with a renewed trust and faith in our partnerships.

You’ll want to know where Libra is in your chart so that you can make the most of the gorgeous energy coming in during this transit, as it will be one of the most conducive moments of the year to manifest more Love.

Saturn Direct (Aquarius)

Oct 22/23        18 deg

Saturn also goes direct in October. 

During its retrograde in Aquarius since June 4th, we have been asked to clear karma as a it relates to the area where Aquarius is on your chart.  You’ve been ask to re-think how you share with others, to learn about your own contributions – your strength, talents, and inner resources.

Saturn is the ruler of Aquarius, so it does really well here. 

As it goes direct, we could feel a deep internal cleaning out, a harvesting of the fruits of whatever karma you’ve cleared during the retrograde.  Saturn declutters and consolidates. 

Whatever has accumulated will disperse, and you’ll even be able the lessons you learned over the summer with more clarity as it pertain to whatever house Aquarius rules in your chart. You can get a free natal chart on my website via the links below.

It’s like you’re cashing in on cleared karma, and you’re getting your credits back.

Aquarius: unique ideas, humanitarianism, collective karma and growth.

Venus enters Scorpio, Sun enters Scorpio

Oct 23             0 deg

Then Venus and the Sun both enter Scorpio. 

At this point during the month, we’ll see the amplification of Scorpio energy, so you’ll want to know what house Scorpio rules in your chart. 

Scorpio has to do with shared resources. It also rules mental health, sex, and the darker or more taboo aspects of our psyche. Scorpio relishes the chance to talk about and sensually explore the taboo.

When the sun brings our conscious awareness to these things, it becomes less about looking at things in a balanced Libra way, and more to do with having to feel to know.  That’s the essence of Scorpio: a sensitivity and sensuality that blossoms in our life during this time of year.


With Venus and the Sun entering Scorpio together, this aspect feels deeply fruitful and fertile, another really lovely lush moment in the moment of October.

New Moon in Scorpio with Partial Solar Eclipse

Oct 25             2 deg

Typically a new moon as a time of setting intention, but we don’t do that with Eclipses, because since time immemorial, eclipses have been a time of erratic energy.

With an Eclipse in Scorpio, we’ll be looking revelations. Things that have been kept secret coming to light.  These could be things such as shared resources – or things that are shared between people. The impact of mental health issues, sex, or taboo issues.

Look at your chart for which area of life Scorpio is in to get an idea of where this place of renovating, re-routing and renewal will take place.

Jupiter (retrograde) enters Pisces

Oct 27             n/a

When Jupiter in retrograde re-enters Pisces, we’re going to be baptized again in all things spiritual and philosophical. Whatever you spent most of 2021 thinking about, from ethical or metaphysical standpoint, will be revisted during this transit.

When Jupiter is retrograde, it’s time to allow yourself to introspect about the theoretical – Jupiter rules Pisces, so this is an ease of connecting to your inner truth, your True North, and your soul’s purpose.


Jupiter expands indefinitely while in Pisces, so while our ability to be compassionate and hold space for other’s stories may expand, but so could addictive behaviors.

It’s a perfect time to take a look at the bigger picture of your life as Jupiter, the great beneficent, gives its blessings freely in Pisces. 


Jupiter began its retrograde in in Aries on July 28 and will station direct in Pisces on November 23 and returning to Aries from December to March 2023.

Mercury enters Scorpio

Oct 29             n/a

When Mercury enters Scorpio, there is an unmistakable intensity. Mercury is about how we communicate and think. In Scorpio, we are secretive. Simultaneously, we know how to get the truth from someone.  We’re passionate. There’s a keen awareness of the emotional body and how it impacts communication.

It’s a prefect time to really reflect what your heart is communicating to you.

Mars retrograde (Gemini)

Oct 30             25 deg

When Mars goes retrograde in Gemini, the characteristic energy is of Mars is turned inwards. In Gemini Mars. Is about. Multitasking and trying lots of different things. It’s about coming up with clever solutions and taking action in a way that allows you the most amount of freedom. Gemini doesn’t want to be tied down, and we’ll see this reflected in the many changes we can expect culturally and collectively through the end of the year and on through to Spring 2023.

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