October 2022 Astrology: Momentum

The word for October’s astrology is MOMENTUM.

Over the course of the month, we’ll see three planets going direct: Mercury on Oct 2, Pluto on Oct 8, and Saturn on Oct 22 – so expect to see Life springing forth, as you gain energy and it feels like steps forwards – by the hour – all through-out the month.

But first, we’ll start with Mars square Neptune on Oct 11/12.

By mid-month, we have one of the most beautiful aspects of the year: Sun conjunct Venus in Libra where we’ll get the crown jewel in beautiful Libra energy – all about balance and harmony in our relationships.

Then we travel into the dark, writhing, sexy sign of Scorpio. 

Jupiter also continues its retrograde, going back into Pisces, where it spent half of 2021 magnifying our spirituality and philosophical approach toward life.

And finally Mars begins its retrograde at the end of the month.  

Expect intensity, beauty and a lot of revelations.

I’m Red Hot Annie with Sacred Earth Arts, and this is your astrology reading for the month of October 2022.

I practice Western Tropical astrology and have been using astrology for about six years to find the best timing for releasing baggage and old stories as well as manifesting new life in various parts of my life. 

For me, astrology is about reading and understanding the energy that is being made available to us so that we set intentions that align with that energy – and live in our purpose!

These weather forecasts are intended to help you align with the energy of the stars. 

The Law of Correspondence says As above, So below. 

Tuning into the energy that’s being anticipated can help you make more mindful, intentional, true decision abuout what days/times most align with starting a new relationship, asking for a raise, move – or make any big life decision – and when it feels best to wait.

It’s a deeply personal art, and something I believe serves toward our highest evolution.

If you’d like a reading for your specific sign, please comment below with your sun/moon/rising sign.

Here’s your reading for the first half of October 2022:

Mercury Direct (Virgo)

Oct 2               24 deg

With Mercury going direct in its home sign of Virgo, we’ll see the end of minor communication snafus. We can sing Hallelujah at finally be understood and feeling more articulate – at least in regards to the part of life ruled by Virgo and Libra – where Mercury has spent the 3rd of 4 retrograde periods this year. 

Use this time to embody the lessons you’ve learned while working through thinking and speaking with more accuracy and beauty.

Mark your calendar for late December and the beginning of the year when we’ll next experience this lag in clarity.

Mars (Gemini) square Neptune (Pisces)

Oct 11/12                    23 deg

Mars Square Saturn for the last year or so, now Mars square Neptune twice this year. Oct 11/12 and Nov 19 (retrograde), so be aware of what you’re picking up as it pertains to local information and the internet (Gemini) and spiritual authority and foreign interests (Pisces)

I see this is a bumping up between the energies of spirituality and the highly rational Mars in Gemini. A moment of faith, a sudden and very intense experience happening within the collective consciousness where people are asked to choose between two ways of being.

Some conflict and confusion when it comes to what to believe, or feeling yourself pushed toward taking action in some way, in spite of feeling you need more information.  Having to be brave and noble, in spite of a pull toward taking the low road.

Over these months while Mars is in Gemini, we can expect to work through a lot of internal/external communication concerns – if you work with this energy, you can make huge progress about your awareness of communication-related matters. 

The best, most advantageous position to take during this square will involve listening, and taking your time to make mindful decisions instead of jumping to conclusions. 

Pluto Direct (Capricorn)

Oct 8               26 deg

When the planet of transformation and destruction appears to back up in the sky, there’s a review of the area of life it’s traversing, in this case, Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn since Jan 27, 2008 and retrograde since April 29, 2022.

When a planet like Pluto is retrograde, its effects become more internal, psychological and emotional. You have to check your own toxic behaviors for negative and self-destructive patterns and belief systems. You’ve gotta get the flashlight out, turned on, internally – and with Pluto you’re looking in the basement that’s hidden under the basement.

Especially as it pertains to things having to do with Capricorn: starting with authority and work. 

So look at the area of your chart where Capricorn falls to get a good sense of where you’ve been in “review mode” since April about power struggles in your life. With Pluto going direct, it’s time to let the change take hold and let the dross be burned away like a phoenix.

Through it’s journey in Capricorn since 2008, we’ve seen revelations about the abuse of power – we’ve watched major shifts within politics, church, schools and other places where top-down edicts are made. This is Pluto preparing for its entrancing into Aquarius in March 2023. 

With Pluto going direct, we’ll see further revelations about abuse of power, a lot of things coming to light, and ultimately we are going through transformation in regards to what authority means. 

I believe that we’ll watch in awe this last quarter of 2022 and into Spring 2023, as old systems of governance, world structures, and absolutely any corruption within leadership is absolutely broken down and broken apart so that it can be transformed, matured, and serve its true purpose within our lives.

In, of course, Capricorn, Pluto is also giving us America’s Pluto Return – a cycle that’s 248 years, so know there’s a reason why these last several years have been so full of confusion and chaos within Amerca.

Full Moon in Aries

Oct 9               16 deg

The full moon is a time of revelations. When the moon is brightly lit in the sky, we are able to see, even at night.  Clarity ripens during a full moon. 

With a full moon in Aries, your power is on display for the world to see. This powerful energy for taking action, powering through blockages.  It’s also about taking the lead, and it’s about a deep fertility – Aries is the first blossoms of Spring.

Release anything having to do with not-enoughness, or anything that holds you back from growing into your greatest potential. This is a time to shine!

Mercury enters Libra

Oct 10

Mercury, having gone direct earlier in the month, will then re-enter Libra, where it started its retrograde. In Libra, Mercury gives us a social, charming, clever banter. We communicate beautifully – with utmost diplomacy and fairness, and as it covers the ground it’s already been with, there’s a familiarity with the patterns – as if we know the steps to the dance and are able to improvise more freely, to pull the spirit of balance and harmony into our words and thoughts.

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