Real Life Burlesque Interview: Chicava

Chicava is presenting I Am My Valentine, an afternoon workshop to unlock, unblock and open to the love you are by Undoing Romanticism. 

Sunday, February 14
11am-3pm CST

We live in an age of Romanticism which is only one kind of love. It’s really the most dangerous if you think about it, because your experience of its existence relies on another human being who’s just as beautiful, hurt, damaged, ambitions, confused, busy, overwhelmed, and hopeful as you are. 

We don’t see ourselves as ambitious about love, after all we’re just endeavoring to get what we were taught we were supposed to have so we can be who we’re supposed to be in the eyes of society that have seeped into the reflection we see in the mirror. Only after a major heartbreaking catastrophe (or ya know, like 80) do we start to question what’s up with this whole deal? How can we let LOVE be itself in the midst of partnerships of all kinds. 

Let’s explore what happens when we Let Love Be Love 


The role of the artist, the magician, the prophet, and each individual, is to bring about change in the world through one’s own personal transformations, revolutions, and revelations. 

Chicava is the proprietress of New York City’s Brown Girls Burlesque and lead teacher of The Broad Squad Institute. A scholar of performance art, women of color in burlesque heritage, and sacred sexuality and spirituality, she received her MFA from Goddard College. 

This blend of academic study, dance and burlesque performance, as well as deep immersion in several spiritual disciplines, gives Chicava a unique palette of knowledge and experience to work with. Not only does she evoke profound experience in her students, she also shares the wisdom and understanding she’s gleaned throughout her journey.