2022 Astrology: Mars (Gemini) sextile Chiron (Aries, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sat Sep 17    9:54pm CST           15 deg

On Sat, Sep 17 at 9:54pm CST, Mars in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries (also retrograde) at exactly 15 degrees.

With Mars in frenetic Gemini, there could a desire to go after and do lots of things

Chiron in Aries, a combination that is about going it alone, while healing and helping in your own unique way.

When these two planets join with in a sexy sextile, what we get is creative, fruitful potential. In a trine, natives might experience the energy in a more subtle way but Sextiles are bit more exciting! 

We may find motivation to take action about things that hurt in our life. 

Mars is at home in Aries, so being in sextiling with a planet like Chiron who is in Aries will help us feel courageous – like we can do anything. Chrion knows how to work through the wounded masculine energy that each of us carry as humans at this moment in herstory. When we are each aware of and tending to our own patriarchal and sexual wounds, it impacts the collective healing, too.

This is powerful energy for translating our wounds into words. 

So it’s a perfect day for writing healing poetry, participating in a benefit performance, or sharing your own healing abilities with others.