Astrology 2022: Sun (Virgo) opposition Neptune (Pisces, retro)Astrology 2022:

Fri Sep 16     4:20pm CST           24 deg 02 min

On Fri, Sep 16 at 4:20pm CST, Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune (retrograde) in Pisces.

With the Sun in Virgo, there’s a sense of purity and clarity in our conscious field – this is the energy of taking analysis of the harvest, tlookinghas grown, and looking for how we can improve the process for the next season. 

Virgo is mutable earth, and speaks to the transformation that happens in the late summer, when the earth turns from Summer to Fall.  

However, with Neptune in Pisces, instead of analyzing, we may feel called to escape, and find ourselves lost in daydreams. Neptune/Pisces shadow energy can be susceptive to confusion, deception. Depending on where Pisces falls in your natal chart, you could feel a total lack of clarity or insecurity.

An opposition is like a seesaw, where we must find the balance between two divergent energies– balancing experiences or philosophies that can seem like they contradict. Alchemize any uncomfortable energies caused by oppositions by sensing balance within our bodies.

We can harmonize distortion through ritual, through the breath, and imagination and opening to inspiration from spirit.