Astrology 2022: Mercury (Libra, retro) opposition Jupiter (Aries, retro)Astrology 2022:

Mercury in Libra is about partnerships and balanced communication. This is a charming energy that knows just what to say and how to say it. It’s poised, balanced, and naturally beautiful because Libra is ruled by Venus.

Jupiter in Aries wants to see you expanding your own individual opportunities. Jupiter in Aries wants to take powerful, expansive action NOW. 

Oppositions always happen on an axis, where our goal is to discover how to harmonize dualistic experiences and philosophies.  How do we respond to things that seem like they seem to contradict? 

Your body is the best tool you’ve got – think about how you practice placing one foot in front of another on a balance beam, and use your inner ear, your inner eye to bring equilibrium.

Mercury opposed Jupiter can bring us really great social plans and deepened conversations about our partnerships.

But there can also be a tension between the way our day-to-day habits of communicating don’t align with our long term plans or our understanding of rules at school, church, or work.

In fact, it could bring a whole lot of talking, so be mindful about the words you use. Be careful what you choose to follow phrases like “I am.” Whatever you say next, you are manifesting. 

Same thing with “I can’t.” Try “I’m learning to…” Or “I choose not to…”

In fact, “I choose” is one of the most powerful phrases we have. And it’s a powerful way to work with the loquaciousness of this opposition. 

“I choose to open to bigger ideas.”

“I choose to take both of our needs into consideration.”

“I choose to press pause on this conversation for now.”

You could even feel like you have to put up with a lot of bureaucracy for something that was supposed to come easy. This isn’t a difficult opposition, but you might find yourself putting more energy into something than what you’re getting out of it.

If you tendency to get a little scattered, this is the perfect time to narrow your view and focus on discernment, balance, and equalizing before moving forward.

Because of Mercury’s retrograde, this opposition will happen three times. 

Look for any repeating themes – the last time this transit happened was Sep 2.

What are you gaining more clarity about? You’ll receive more information with this week’s transit on Sep 18 and will hopefully find resolution when it happens for the third and final time on Oct 12.