2022 Astrology: Sun (Virgo) trine Pluto (Capricorn, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sun Sep 18   9:57pm CST  26 deg 12 min

The Sun in Virgo is about exactness and purity in your consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn is about transforming top-down power structures. It’s transforming our jobs and our relationship with authority.

A trine is an effortless easy fusion of these energies, giving the native beneficial energy that they are barely aware of.  Unlike sextiles which are sexy and exciting, a trine is much more subtle. There’s nothing to do but benefit from this energy, or make a conscious choice how you’ll use the energy of the day, and then savor the results.

For example, it could be really easy to influence other people, without even knowing it. You’ll find a lot of clarity and ease manifesting when it comes to your career or public life. It might be a time when you look at your work and decide which parts have grown stale and in need of an update. 

Virgo is going to help you declutter.  Pluto is going to help you transform.

This energy getting subterranean – Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, so it’s not afraid to approach things that are taboo. Death and rebirth are big themes, and so is sex.  This could be about a deep, wholehearted connection to and expression of your sexuality.

However this energy expresses itself in your personal life, you can expect fruitful, manifestation energy. Don’t be afraid to push some boundaries – because this is the energy of having a breakthrough that brings rebirth in a relationship.