2022 Astrology: Sun (Virgo) trine Uranus (Taurus, retro)2022 Astrology:

Sun Sep 11   time?                    18 deg 47 min

When the Sun in Virgo trines Uranus, currently retrograde in Taurus, there’s contentment to be found in being the outsider. This transit makes it easy to express your uniqueness. 

The sun’s liberating influence effortlessly blends with Uranus need for rebellion and independence, and you just might find it’s a lot easier to do it your own way, even if that means breaking social norms.

I think it will be hard to conform to external expectations, or to even notice them, possibly. I suspect this will be like a welcome break from your usual routine, where you get massive inspiration and epiphanies about things pertaining to your health and finances.

In the bigger picture, we could see a major social change – more holistic approaches to food, sustainability, and money – how it’s created and provided to others. These highly spiritual planets are both in earth signs, so we could see a beautiful consciousness raising around how we care for and sustain the earth, bringing spiritual practices like blessing our food, blessing the land. Daiy life 

Truly, this transit speaks to our attunement with the universal mind.