Astrology 2022: Venus (Virgo) square Mars (Gemini)

Fri Sep 16     12:48pm CST         14 deg 23 min

Venus in Virgo is about purity in relating to others, making sure the only ulterior motive that we have is towards the health and well-being of our affiliations.

Mars in Gemini is about burning through copious amounts of information and taking action – even if it’s occasionally a little impulsive or impatient or confrontational.

When there’s a square, it’s like these two energies are squaring off, which is what happens between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Gemini on Fri, Sep 16 at 12:48pm CST.

A square is an opportunity to practice alchemy. Alchemy is taking whatever emotion happens spontaneously and transforming it into a higher octave, a higher vibration. It isn’t easy, but it’s the most valuable work we can do during our time in Earth school.

If you’re curious where this energy will most affect you, download a free natal chart on my website, so you can see what houses Venus and Mars are transiting.  That way you’ll have a better idea of how you can best use the energy pouring in from the universe.

Because both of these planets are about how we approach relationships, this could indicate a challenge between being pure with our intentions and going after a variety that’s being offered: from food to relationships, variety can bring satisfaction, but it can also bring temptation.

If you’re having love-hate feelings towards your experience, or your temper is suddenly cramping your ability to connect, or if your ambition is getting the better of a relationship – pause and recognize that this passionate energy can be alchemized! 

Hot energies like anger can be transformed through a good workout, impromptu dance parties, hot sex, running, or playing sports – anything that makes your heart pound in your chest.

Consider how we can burn off excess Mars energy through a project that requires our drive and determination.

But remember, since it’s Friday, it also Venus’ days, so she has the upper hand. How does Venus in Virgo energy save the day?

Decluttering that scattered energy

Allowing our pure intentions to have the final say when we make decisions.