Drive Him Wild with Feminine Energy: Being NOT Doing

Whether you want to deepen the attraction in your long-term relationship – or you’re starting all over again – do less and get better results!

Create long-lasting love and commitment in your relationships by unlocking the keys to being effortlessly magnetic. 

Goddess on a Pedestal: Falling in Love with Yourself

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Connect to men in an authentic way that feels really, really good by falling in love with yourself again.

If you are feminine energy who desires a relationship with a masculine energy person, consider this: when you’re doing (instead of being), you are in your masculine energy. 

When you’re in your masculine energy, any person you’re interacting with (pretty much regardless of gender) will be inclined to sit back in their feminine energy – which means you could get stuck *doing* instead of resting or receiving help (even when you’re exhausted)!

Many women want to be able to lean back and receive – but have internalized so many messages about achieving and what success means in a patriarchal culture that they’re actually afraid if they sit back NOTHING will happen!

When you lean back in your feminine energy and learn to truly trust and appreciate the masculine energy people in your life, they will naturally desire to show up in a more meaningful way for you.

I would love to what what I’ve learned about speaking to men and masculine *in a way they can hear!*

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Goddess on a Pedestal: Feminine Energy Essentials

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