Attract Quality Masculine Men with Feminine Energy

When you’re in your head, you can’t be in your body.

A sure sign that your feminine energy is unbalanced is that you’re “in your head” – “all the time!”

Goddess on a Pedestal: Falling in Love with Yourself

If you’re thinking about what to say next, you are in your head. If you’re thinking about how to make “it” happen in your relationship, at work, or onstage, you’re in your head – and also in your masculine energy…which you will be the one chasing!

Feminine energy is about being sensual – as in using your 5 senses – to connect to the unseen. Feminine energy has the nerve to express exactly what it feels, without analyzing it, and to do it in a unique, colorful way that others can hear.

A feminine energy being is always building a relationship with their body – they dance, they nourish, they listen to what their body is saying. They cultivate a playful relationship with their body where they can trust sentences that start with “I feel…” will be heard. 

Get out of analysis paralysis – and into your body – with feminine energy tools that will attune you to spontaneous, creative messages you can share with your lover, your mom, and the world. 

In my FREE virtual masterclass, I’ll share feminine energy tools to get out of your head and into your body. 

Goddess on a Pedestal: Feminine Energy Essentials

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