Speaking as a Goddess Does: Feminine Energy

Never underestimate your power to heal others through your feminine energy.

Speaking like a Goddess can be a challenge in a culture that’s taught us to act on every impulse and share every thought that comes to mind as if that’s “intimacy.”

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On a spiritual level, we are always connected to the Divine and we are always in service to the unfolding. Yet, on a mundane level, we only feel as “connected” as the relating we are capable of at any moment.

Can we speak what we truly feel with compassion and honesty? What do we do when we’re “triggered?” Can we establish our boundaries without “drama?”

There are ways to speak to *every single person on this planet* that honor both your divinity and THEIRS. 👑 

In my FREE virtual masterclass, I’ll share feminine energy tools that will help you “find the words” …even when you’d normally give up!

Goddess on a Pedestal: Feminine Energy Essentials

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