3 Ways to Let Go of Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like what you’re contributing to burlesque simply isn’t good enough? Like, you wouldn’t want people to see your act, because it’s not really done, yet? Or if “they” knew how much you struggle behind the scenes, there’s no way they’d hire you? Or perhaps, you’ve already got the job, but you feel totally underqualified? ​

The first time I was booked to headline a burlesque festival, I was filled with Imposter Syndrome! I didn’t think my costume, choreography – or really anything – was good enough. In fact, the night before the show, I went out and bought big old stripper shoes to dance in – shoes I could barely walk in! I still remember doing tech rehearsal, wobbling across stage like a newborn baby deer. ​

Fortunately, I came to my senses by the time of the performance! ​

Here are 3 tips I use when I come face-to-face with the insecurity and nagging thoughts that make me want to surrender my power. ​

1. Breathe. It always comes back to the breath. Even in the middle of an indentity crisis (hello, 40’s!), this is a great way to simply BE. Try breathing in, slowly, through the nose. Notice the way the breath expands in your tummy and chest. On the exhale, give a long sigh and release any tension in the jaw, shoulders, and between the eyes. ​ 

2. Keep it Simple. When we feel undeserving, we sometimes over-compensate by over complicating and adding steps to prove our worth and help us feel we’ve “earned it.” Chances are, you already have the skills and expertise to do what you’ve been hired to do, so try a practice like EFT Tapping or 500 Things I Love About Me to release blocks. ​

3. Make Mistakes. You don’t have to be perfect. Without mistakes and wrong turns, we never get the chance to really experience the Joy of Life. Give yourself permission to enjoy the moment, because it’s all that there really is. If you fall, get back up. Being wildly watchable onstage means being will to take risks, to fall flat on your face, to not get the job/relationship, to not be liked. Remember, Now is the most priceless moment there is. ​ 

​ Remember, where you are now is a result of where you have been – and where you’ll be tomorrow is a result of where you’re willing to go to day! Tiny changes in how you Love on yourself will eventually compound over time to create a reliable sense of Confidence you can tap into at any time!