My Work Isn’t for Everyone

Maybe you’ve been on the fence about signing up for the Becoming Burlesque Masterclass, because even though it sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, but you’re not sure if it’s “for you.” ​ 

And let’s be honest – as artists, our work isn’t for everyone.
My work isn’t for everyone.
I’m not for everyone!

As an artist, I focus on the Process. Like everyone, I adore spectacular results – but what I’ve discovered over two decades of being on stage is that focusing on the process liberates me. It allows me to “go for it!” where a lot of artists might hold themselves back. ​​ 

What Do I Do?
My specialty is helping Artists shift and expand their mindset. I love to help beginners and established artists discover and articulate the inspiration within their movement, words, and desires – what makes their work unique – and then take it to the next level by cultivating more of it in a natural, effortless way! ​​ 

My favorite part of what I do is helping artists tune into how they’re playing small and then supporting them as they take bigger risks – whether that’s creating a burlesque act, producing a show, or putting themselves out there via social media – to name just a few. ​​ 

I LOVE helping artists create and implement a creative strategy – a process! – that feels really juicy and courageous – and is easy and fun to execute! ​​ 

What Don’t I do?
Well, I won’t write, speak, or promote you for you. I don’t produce a show. I don’t have a cookie-cutter approach where you do A, B, and C. This is art, afterall! ​​ 

So working with me means that – even though you’ll have life-time access to 12+ hours of tutorials on burlesque choreography, costuming, writing prompts, and meditation – you ultimately have to take personal accountability to create your art! ​​ 

And you’re going to have to put yourself “out there” – all on your own. ​​ 

Who’s My Ideal Client?
My ideal client is ready to go to the next level. ​ 

​ They’re a beginner – or an established performer – who is ready to make art. They’re ready to set goals and then put in the work to manifest them. They want to be seen and heard – and they’re not afraid of feedback and the occasional hard truth that accompanies sharing. They’re willing to let go of what doesn’t serve. ​​ 

They have ideas and are looking for someone who can help them conceptualize and streamline a plan. My ideal clients are Artists who are ready and willing to uncensor themselves – and to take bigger risks in their personal, professional, and artistic lives. ​​ 

Who Have I Worked With?
I’ve worked with hundreds of burlesque artists all over the world – and many of the best known burlesque artists from Chicago got their start working with me! I’ve been in the cheering section for artists as they produced their first solos, their first shows, taught their first burlesque class, won international competitions, and traveled all over the world to share what they birthed during our collaboration. ​​ 

I have helped new and established performers establish a persona and performance style that is clearly defined and memorable – and I would love to help you, as well. ​​ 

Check out these video testimonials from artists I’ve worked with over the last six months. ​​ 

And remember, this is the week to join my Becoming Burlesque Masterclass!