Transformation: What’s Inside?

Change almost always means discomfort, noticing what no longer fits. Like a baby bird pushed to the boundaries of their shell, we can no longer be contained. Uncertainty fills the consciousness, as we notice the feelings of restriction and we grow restless to be released. 

How different – how expansive, really – is the space *outside* the shell? We can’t know. All we can feel is the compression, the strain against the limits of the egg. 

It’s uncomfortable not knowing what’s next. Yet, this moment is as inevitable as the four seasons. We return to it over and over, revolving on a wheel of Evolution, each cycle a chance to take to heart the previous life lessons and prepare again for the new. 

Change, while uncomfortable, is a necessity to Growth. 

I’m reminded of when I gave birth – how, in the throes of labor, all I could experience was the pain. Even with the most supportive and loving birth team and doula, nobody could actually PUSH for me. I returned, with each contraction, to a sense pain and fear that overwhelmed my body.  

Clenching my teeth, I tried to transmute it, to feel pleasure instead of pain. I tried to breathe into it, to focus on what it would feel like to hold my baby in the end – trying to ignore the immense pressure, like a bowling ball suctioning in and out of a buttonhole. I tried to negotiate with The Ancestors, scouring my mind for unclaimed sins that justified this agony, seeking relief through favors I was surely owed. 

Ultimately, I had no choice but to surrender. 

Pain can be so consuming that we’ll do anything to avoid or stop it. And the questions asked by the process of transformation can be excrutiating – Who am I becoming? Will I be OK? What really matters to me? It can be a challenge to really see and accept what we see inside. How can I be less “affected” by the what’s happening? Is that even what I really want? 

Part of the JOY of Life is the ebb and flow – the fevered pitches and the silence. They say you can’t taste the sweet without the bitter. So am I shortchanging my potential to fully experience life when I attempt to avoid or ignore or hide the pain of growth? 

Your story is your greatest gift to the world. Only you can choose whether you fully accept and authentically integrate your pain into the autobiography you’re writing. 

All along, you have had the power. 

Everything that’s ever happened has been an opportunity to GROW. We are not now, nor have we ever been, the victim of our circumstances. Nor are we *just* Survivors. We are The Heroines of our story – and the whole world – every perceived ally and enemy – in their heart of hearts, wants to see you Triumph. 

You matter in such a substantial way that we all wait, timeless and patient, for your Awakening, your commitment to wielding your Power, accepting your role, taking centerstage, and speaking your Truth. 

There is no judgment, only recognition and Love. 

It’s time for you to take your rightful place as Queen in your life. 

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